The Benefits of Remote Working for Businesses

The Benefits of Remote Working for Businesses

Picture this, it’s Monday morning. You wake up when you finish sleeping. Your office for the day is wherever you choose. You decide what hours you work, taking control over your schedule. Remote working can improve your business and your life. You’re able to fit your work around your life, instead of the other way around. Instead of sacrificing your family time, health and travel ambitions for a paycheque, you have choices and ultimately freedom.

Sound like a distant daydream? Not for the millions of people working remotely across the globe, and these aspirations can be a reality for you too.

Opinion vs Reality

To you, remote working may sound like a far-out idea. Something only the extremely successful or wealthy gets to benefit from. Or something a bit woo-woo, and so far removed from your current reality that it’s hard to visualise ever being possible. If you’re an employer you might regard the whole idea as a lot of rubbish. Unproductive and unconducive towards the success and overall goals of your company. We’re here to tell you otherwise. In fact quite the opposite, and for that reason, it’s something that’s being adopted globally.

Let’s get one thing straight, we’re not just talking about small independent one-man start-ups. College graduates looking to stray from the system and take the road less travelled. Nor are we talking about stay at home mums looking to make a little bit of cash each month. Yes, they do, and yes they’re able to make a living from remote work, but what we’re talking about hugely successful global companies, in a variety of different sectors with professional business people, who are all adopting this new and growing phenomenon in working life.

Time to sit up and take notice as times are changing and remote working is the future of business.

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What is remote working?

The dictionary definition of remote working is defined as “a situation where an employee works mainly from home and communicates with the company by email or telephone.” In more recent years, a destination of their choice better fits the bill. This mirrors the acceptance that working remotely is creating positive results not just for employees but for the company they work for and the overall success of the business as a whole. Find out more about the services we provide that will help you get you grow your business and allow you the freedom and choice to operate remotely.

With remote working, you have the ability to work independently from your home, a co-working space, a coffee shop or wherever there is an internet connection; providing freedom, flexibility and the ultimate dream of a work-life balance.

Remote Working as an Employee

A Sense of Fulfilment

Being outside the confines of an office leads to inspired thoughts and creativity. This is absorbed from experiencing new surroundings and ideas. A change of scenery allows for mental clarity. Not only this, but important skills are learned through the process of working independently, including time-management and self-sufficiency. All of this, yet at the same time being under the umbrella of working for a company, with help and support at the end of a telephone or available over email or video call when required.  By stepping outside the traditional office setting you learn and grow.

No commute required

When was the last time you heard someone share how they enjoy their daily commute? Leaving your house in the dark to sit in traffic wasting your life away, then having to endure the whole process on the way back home? Remote working, whether that be from home or a destination of your choosing allows you to eliminate a long and stressful commute giving you more time to do the things you want. Not only is it better for your productivity and mental health but it’s also better for the environment and lowers your carbon footprint. Who can argue with that?

Work-life balance

One of the biggest appeals of remote working is being able to have the flexibility to pursue your passions. It might be your dreams of travel that inspire you to work remotely. Allowing you to explore new places and live a fulfilling life while earning an income at the same time. For others, it’s being able to work from home and being present in your children’s lives. Instead of missing out on those special little moments, and having to pay so much of your hard earned wage on childcare each month. The opportunities are endless of the value that remote working can add to your life and are unique for every person who chooses to pursue it.

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Benefits as an Employer or Business Owner

Build a Bigger Business

By working remotely you have the opportunity to build a business without geographical restrictions. You not only have the opportunity to have success on your doorstep or in your hometown but are able to expose your company and its benefits and offerings to the world on a global scale. Not only are you sharing your brand, service or product for customers to benefit from. The impact of having a global community workforce leads to a think-big mentality. Having people working in different markets gives a better perspective on how your business can meet and serve the needs of its clients while UK based servers provide the perfect satellite station for your online business to operate from.

Saves you Money

By not having to pay overhead costs of an office and everything that comes along with it, you’re immediately saving money, making your business more profitable. Without the unnecessary expenses incurred from all the fluff, you can strip back and focus on what’s really necessary and as a result, pass those savings on to your clients. Without paying for the overheads of a traditional business, you’re able to offer a much better level of service at a more competitive price.  Many remote start-up businesses are utilising contractors as opposed to traditional employees who also work remotely. These specialists can be contracted to work on projects of your choosing, meaning you’re only paying them for the work they are doing. This not only means you’re able to make more savings and build a more profitable company. It also allows you to contract the right specialist for the job at hand meaning a much higher quality outcome for your clients. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Supported by New Technology

With huge advances in technology and online tools for staying connected it’s made the world a much smaller place. You can easily communicate with people in a different country in the same way that you could if they were in the office across the hall. Online business is the way of the future, and this coupled with new technology, is allowing more and more businesses to move to online platforms. Online business is slowly overtaking traditional business, making remote working much more accessible. It does take an investment to set up initially but in the long term, the rewards are infinite. It’s believed that in the next fifty years, the traditional office setting will be a thing of the past and that all businesses will operate remotely to some degree. With the rapid technological advances, we can definitely see why. We offer all the same web services to remote working clients as we do to any other type of business helping you to get your business online wherever you decide to work.

Environmental Factors

It’s been proven that Remote working has positive effects on protecting the environment. By cutting carbon emissions from the daily commute leads to a reduction in fossil fuel consumption. This has a direct effect on the minimising of greenhouse gas emissions. On top, of this, there are the deeper and more indirect factors of remote working. A happier workforce with reduced stress levels and feelings of overall well-being leads to a happier community. This has a positive knock-on effect globally.

At Primal Space we take our Green Policy very seriously which is why we operate as a remote working business. Our offices are home based and we feel this dramatically improves our output. Allowing us to deliver better results to our clients. While also dramatically reducing our carbon footprint.

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So does this remote working thing really work?

For many remote working is a way of life. You only have to type the words remote working into any search engine to understand the sheer magnitude of the growing, global community.  Many people involved expressing increased productivity, feelings of job satisfaction and a sense of freedom that they don’t achieve through the traditional work environment. Yes, there will be times when you miss the office banter. Yes, there will be days when its hard to motivate yourself to get started on a project, but overall the pro’s far outweigh the cons.

Remote working can help you grow as a person, grow your business and profitability and therefore produce better work for your clients as a result. By being in a different environment and absorbing the experiences around you that you ultimately wouldn’t have the opportunity to grasp when stuck in the confines of an office. You not only create a positive impact on your own life but also on the environment and the world. Contact us now to find out more about how we can help your business prepare for the future.

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