SMTP Relay

Simple Mail Transport Protocol Relay

SMTP Relay

Our SMTP Relay subscription allows you to dodge the email spam folder


Simplifying email communication

SMTP relay is the service that allows your emails to be sent across the internet to be received by the person you’ve emailed. Consider how many times you email everyday, without considering what is going on behind the scenes.

SMTP relay is effectively a lightening fast sorting system (consider that of a virtual post office) sorting emails and directing these to the correct location. Just like a relay race, the ‘relay’ function is the process of passing the data from the starting point of your email account, to the end point being the person you’ve emailed.

But what are the benefits of an SMTP relay subscription?

If you’re sending a small number of emails inhouse to others within your organisation or externally you’ll likely encounter no issues. However in the instance that you’re engaging in larger email volumes to multiple recipients, including email marketing. You’re likely to run up against issues and find that you’re emails are automatically redirected to recipients spam or junk folders.

This is where SMTP relay comes in, as by using a paid third party service you’re able to override the dreaded spam folder delivery. Ensuring your emails are delivered to your clients inboxes and marked as a ‘safe sender.’ SMTP relay software also allows you to track how many people have opened your email. As well as the number of recipients who’ve clicked on links within your email. Allowing you to make more informed decisions on the content that you’re sharing in terms of audience engagement.

Our SMTP relay subscription takes care of all this for you, it’s easy to set up and manage ongoing.


A low cost subscription to support your email needs

If your website sends emails, you need an SMTP relay installed in the website application (such as WordPress or Magento). Our subscription costs start from just £18 + VAT per month and provides clients with up to 1000 email sends. If you run an e-commerce site, or need more than 1000 email sends a month, please contact us for a bespoke quote. To use our SMTP relay services, you must already be signed up to one of our website hosting packages for your site.

For a small subscription fee you can ensure your emails get delivered to your customers. Whether that be order confirmations, form submissions or password resets. As well as gaining valuable insights on your email marketing.

Not only is it easy to set up, we’ll manage everything behind the scenes for you. Our SMTP relay routes your messages through a secure third party platform. Which aids in preventing your emails being marked as spam or junk by an email platform. Within the service we use, the IP regularly changes to ensure email blocklists are avoided.

Get in touch with us to set up your SMTP relay subscription, or reach out if you’d like to learn more about this service and how it could successfully benefit your organisation.

Simplifying email communication

SMTP relay stands for Simple Mail Transport Protocol Relay. In short it’s something that we take part in hundreds of times each day without realising. As it’s simply the process that allows your emails to be sent across the internet and be received by the person you’ve emailed.

Our SMTP relay subscription helps you cut out the dreaded spam folder delivery (often present when you’re engaging in larger email volumes to multiple recipients, including email marketing).

Using a reliable third party SMTP relay service, you’re email marketing is marked as safe. Being delivered to inboxes to be received by recipients and allowing them to carry out the requested task (whether that be informing them of products or services or signing up to a program).

Our SMTP relay subscription manages all of this for you and is easy to set up and manage ongoing.

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