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Every year Primal Space nominate charities to support, either financially or through our services

Charity WWF PNG


World Wide Fund For Nature

WWF is the number one charitable organisation globally whose mission is to build a planet where both humans and animals can live together in harmony.

The charity works to transform and improve the future of the planets wildlife helping species who need it most. Fighting against deforestation, cleaning up our oceans and rivers and giving a voice to nature. All the while campaigning to governments for a reduction in carbon emissions. As well as being an advocate for climate change, by educating people to live a more sustainable lifestyle and protect our one and only planet earth.

Primal Space provide monthly charitable donations for the incredible environmental work carried out by WWF in supporting our planet.

NHS Lothian


Providing medical services and support for the second largest residential population in Scotland

NHS Lothian is one of the fourteen regional health boards in Scotland, responsible for providing healthcare services in the Lothian region. Health boards like NHS Lothian play a crucial role in ensuring that the population in their area has access to a range of healthcare services, including general medical care, emergency services, specialist treatments, and public health programs.

The NHS Lothian Charitable Foundation works to raise funds and support additional services, research, and projects beyond what is covered by standard NHS funding. Aiming to enhance patient care, support medical research, and improve healthcare facilities.

Social Bite Homeless Charity


A Movement To End Homelessness

Social Bite started out in 2012 as a single shop in Edinburgh who’s owners wanted to operate as a not for profit, giving away their daily takings to good causes.

In just six short years, Social Bite has grown massively, employing 70 people and opening a chain of five social enterprise sandwich shops across Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Aberdeen. While the Social Bite Academy provides jobs for people in Scotland who are affected by the challenges of homelessness. As well as this the charity allow for homeless people to volunteer, allowing them to greater understand the problems that affect the homeless community and discover how they can best help.

Every year Social Bite distribute more than 140,000 items of food and drink to homeless people in Scotland. Primal Space provide charitable donations to help support the great work of this charity.



The UK’s leading all-in-one climate platform

Ecologi is a platform and company that focuses on climate action and environmental sustainability. Providing individuals and businesses with tools to offset their carbon footprint by supporting various climate projects and initiatives. From calculating your carbon footprint to funding reforestation, carbon avoidance and removal technology. Users can share their climate progress and engage their clients, stakeholders and employees in the conversation of climate matters. Something so important in the world today.

Ecologi is a company that is very much aligned with our own green mission here at Primal Space and one that we’re in the process of partnering with to meet our carbon-negative goal for 2024. We belive that all businesses, large and small have a part to play in positively impacting the environment and shining a light on environmental issues and solutions. Using their platform as a force for good. Something we always aim to do through our own mission and values.

Charity Barnardos


Believe in Children

Barnardo’s aims to support the UK’s most vulnerable children. The charity which has been around since 1867 and fulfils it’s promise to help children, believing that with the right support they can not only change their lives but also achieve their potential. Therefore protecting children and young people who face a diverse variety of issues, from drug misuse or disability, as well as sexual abuse, neglect and domestic violence. The charity also ensures that the voices of the UK’s young people are heard in government for issues that affect their lives and their future.

Primal Space provides monthly financial support to Barnardo’s to help contribute to the important support that they are providing to children who need it most.

Charity grassetstyle
Charity Cancer Research UK


Not for profit environmental awareness project raising money for Cancer Research

Our client Grassetstyle has set up a challenge of purchasing no new clothes, shoes or accessories over a 365 day period. Raising awareness of the environmental impacts of fast fashion. While raising money for Cancer Research Scotland and sustainability projects at The Gordon Schools, Aberdeenshire.

Primal Space were approached by Grassetstyle last year for help creating a single page website to use as a marketing tool for the project. As well as creating an online hub where events could be listed along with news articles and links to a fundraising page. We launched the Grassetstyle website design in September 2019 and continue to provide free hosting, site maintenance and ongoing support to Sarah for her website. While also providing financial donations to support the charities and the great environmental cause that Grassetstyle represents.

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