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Simple websites, large brochure websites or e-commerce integrated websites

You will find generally that a lot of digital agencies don’t list pricing on their websites. With all website project quotes being given upon application. But at Primal Space, we feel that it is important to have some approximate costs detailed up front. So you know roughly what the ballpark figure is going to be, before you send your enquiry through to us.

It’s worth highlighting though that all final prices that we give our clients are done on an individual basis. Which are generated on the full requirements outlined to us for your project. Though they generally won’t deviate much from the approximate figures detailed on this page.

Our pricing for all services is based purely on an hourly rate. Which is currently calculated at £90 + VAT per hour. Simple!

  • Simple Website

  • $£720 - £1080 + VAT/mo
  • A simple WordPress website that features up to 2 pages containing basic content like text, images, contact form, social network links etc. Responsive mobile friendly website design. Often a single page website design will be in this price bracket.
Most Popular
  • Large Brochure Style Website

  • $£1080 - £2880 + VAT/mo
  • A more complex and larger brochure style website. With features such as a blog, a booking system, basic WooCommerce shopping cart system, or multiple embedded videos for example. Would generally contain 2 – 8 pages. Built using the WordPress open source CMS platform.
  • E-commerce Website

  • $From £2880 + VAT/mo
  • An online retail e-commerce website that features a catalogue of products, shopping cart and checkout system. Using WooCommerce for WordPress predominantly to achieve success. Or built using Magento for online retail sites with large catalogues and high volume of orders.

* Please Note. These figures are for guidance purposes only to give you a ballpark indication of what can be achieved for a rough price. Please contact us with your full requirements to receive an accurate proposal with cost and timescale estimate.


Providing the best price for the design and build of your new website

Our web design prices are among the most competitive in the UK for a design agency. As you will see from our web design portfolio of previous work, the quality of the finished product is not affected by our lower than average pricing. Here at Primal Space, we believe that we offer a premium service, for a fraction of the normal industry standard price. Some agencies in Scotland and the rest of the UK can charge well over £150 + VAT an hour for their services. Our rate of £90 + VAT per hour is well below the industry average in Scotland or the whole of the UK. We are proud to be incredibly competitive for a high-quality bespoke service offered. Our simple website costs start at only £720 + VAT for a single page build and design with WordPress.

The three web design price categories on this page will give you a rough indication of what your final price is going to be. The prices listed assume that you have your own content already written. Which will be ready for us to simply add to your website right away within the design. We also assume that you have all of your high-resolution images ready to add. As well as your logo and any other major graphics required. If you need assistance with any of this, please don’t hesitate to ask us. Aside from web design and website development, we offer a number of other services related to your website. Concepts for example such as content writing, graphic design, website photography and SEO to name just a few of the digital services our agency offers.


A breakdown of the various packages we offer, with prices for our UK based website hosting services

All of our managed website hosting packages come with free setup included. If you are moving from a previous hosting package or web server. We handle everything for you when your website moves to our hosting! All of our servers have Linux operating systems. We offer complete server management for you on every one of our hosting packages. So the hassle of updating and upgrading server components is handled completely for you. Leaving you more time to focus on the things that matter like growing your business. Predominantly we host only WordPress and Magento websites now. Our servers are optimised for these platforms.

The hosting packages we offer all available on a minimum contract term of 12 months. The server hosting will then move to 1-month rolling terms with 1 month’s notice required. Should you need to upgrade or downgrade your web hosting needs, you can do so at any point. There are no penalties or extra charges for doing so. We will still offer free migration of your website(s) to the new specification server for you. All you would do is alter your standing order to the new monthly amount.

We lease our servers from 1 of the largest UK based independent hosting companies; Nimbus Hosting. To ensure maximum up-time of your website. Delivering an up-time guarantee of 99.995%! Which is really exceptionally high. The servers are ideal for WordPress or Magento website environments. We would not be happy to use any other website hosting company to partner in the UK. Nimbus is simply head and shoulders above the rest for hardware and website speed results.


Below we list the various managed website hosting packages we offer
  • Hosting Package 1

  • $£35 + VAT a month/mo
  • Managed website hosting

    Up to 1000 unique visitors a month

    2GB memory

    4 cores

    Up to 3GB disk space

    3TB bandwidth transfer

    PHP/MySQL based hosting

    Automatic updates for WordPress core, plugins and themes within 24 hours of stable version release

    Ideal for small brochure websites

    Rolling 24-hour on-site and off-site backups

    Perfect for small WordPress websites

    Shared virtual web server

    Free setup and migration

    Linux server

Most Popular Hosting Package
  • Hosting Package 2

  • $£60 + VAT a month/mo
  • Managed website hosting

    Up to 4000 unique visitors a month

    4GB memory

    4 cores

    Up to 8GB disk space

    5TB bandwidth transfer

    PHP/MySQL based hosting

    Automatic updates for WordPress core, plugins and themes within 24 hours of stable version release

    Ideal for small WooCommerce e-commerce sites

    Rolling 24-hour on-site and off-site backups

    Perfect for WordPress websites

    Shared web hosting server

    Free setup and migration

    Linux server

  • Hosting Package 3

  • $£95 + VAT a month/mo
  • Managed website hosting

    Up to 10000 unique visitors a month

    8GB memory

    6 cores

    Up to 14GB disk space

    5TB bandwidth transfer

    PHP/MySQL based hosting

    Automatic updates for WordPress core, plugins and themes within 24 hours of stable version release

    Ideal for large WooCommerce driven sites

    Rolling 24-hour on-site and off-site backups

    Perfect for high traffic WordPress websites

    Shared virtual hosting server

    Free setup and migration

    Linux server

  • Hosting Package 4

  • $£130 + VAT a month/mo
  • Managed website hosting

    Up to 25000 unique visitors a month

    12GB Memory

    8 Cores

    Up to 22GB Disk Space

    5TB Bandwidth Transfer

    Up to 1 hour of website support a month

    PHP/MySQL Based Hosting

    Automatic updates for WordPress core, plugins and themes within 24 hours of stable version release

    Ideal for large e-commerce websites

    Rolling 24-hour on-site and off-site backups

    Perfect for large WordPress websites

    Shared virtual hosting server

    Free setup and migration

    Linux Server

* If you need something a little larger than any of the packages above. Then please contact us for a quote for a dedicated server of your own.


We offer monthly subscriptions and additional discounts for year-long hosting packages

The web hosting package you choose is paid for monthly as a standing order. Also, we now offer a discount for paying your website hosting costs with us in advance in a single annual lump sum. So if you pay for your year’s subscription annually, you will receive 12 months of hosting, for the price of only 10 months!

You can also upgrade or downgrade easily between hosting packages with us. So for example if you have started off with us running a small WordPress website on our managed hosting package 1. But then have added a shopping cart system to your website with WooCommerce. With hundreds of products for sale, and thousands of unique visitors every month. You can move up to website hosting package 2 or even jump straight to package 3 with us. Adjusting your monthly standing order to pay the difference.

The variance of packages and price categories on this page ensure that we have website hosting available for the small budgets out there. As well as having servers to cope with high demanding websites. If you have any questions at all about our web hosting services. Or you are looking for more bespoke hosting needs. Then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information and to schedule a call with us. We are always happy to look at helping with hosting any project, no matter how large or small scale it is.

Helping you maintain your Magento websites security and safety

We will ensure that your Magento website is kept up to date with all the latest updates and requirements. As well as keeping secure backups online and offline for your website. Not to mention a whole range of other services to ensure the safety and security of your website.

  • Regular security updates
  • Updating Magento to the latest stable version
  • Applying all major Magento patches for security purposes
  • Updating of Magento plugins, widgets and extensions
  • Website breach/hack insurance
  • Up to 1 hour a month of work on your website for any purpose you choose
  • Regular rolling daily backups of your website kept locally and stored securely online
  • Expert advice on improvements to your website given regularly

Our monthly support price for all of these services is only £180 + VAT but we have many support services starting from just £25 + VAT per month. You must already be signed up to Primal Space website hosting to be eligible for such support. This support service is not mandatory but is thoroughly recommended for all clients.


We don’t charge a penny for our SEO services until you are on page 1 of Google

We have a proven track record of getting clients to the top of the major search engines like Google. Our rates are incredibly competitive at just £90 + VAT per hour. For us to be able to get the results you desire, we need a minimum investment of 12 hours for any SEO project to commence. This gives us enough time to deliver the organic search engine result improvements that are required.

Successful SEO work is time-consuming. A combination of techniques takes time to implement. Additional time then needs to be given to let these techniques take effect. And to allow for the Google algorithms to update your site’s organic indexing position.

Creating the right SEO strategy is so important. A realisation that the work is continually ongoing, forever and ever, is crucial too. Successful improvements to your website SEO don’t happen overnight. Getting to the top of Google, and staying there, takes more than some initial groundwork. The techniques need to be continually applied. An understanding and observation of the algorithm updates that search engines launch is also essential.

We recommend that you continually use our SEO services month on month after you have reached page 1 of Google. In doing this, we will ensure that you stay there!

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