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Our CDN subscription delivers a faster load time of your website leading to higher performance and conversions


A CDN Subscription speeds up your site and increases performance

Here at Primal Space we’re now offering clients CDN (content delivery network) services powered by Cloudflare. There are many benefits to having a CDN subscription which predominantly include increasing the performance and overall speed of your website. As CDN’s provide the benefits of a group of servers as opposed to a single server managing your sites data. Therefore improving overall load times of your sites content.

There are also many security benefits of a Cloudflare subscription. The service includes a WAF (Web Application Firewall) which acts as a barrier to harmful website intruders. Meanwhile other security features include access to firewall rules and DDOS protection provided as part of your subscription. As well as many others like image optimisation and more advanced page rule settings which we utilise and optimise on our client WordPress and Magento sites.

Another great feature of Cloudflare, is load balancing. This essentially serves your website from the nearest server location to the user around the world. Thus decreasing site latency serving it faster. Also decreasing bandwidth usage globally. Which aligns nicely with our green website policy.


A valuable subscription to improve site security

There are many benefits of a CDN subscription such as optimising your sites overall performance with intelligent caching, improving accessibility for users through enhances overall security. Cloudflare is the largest CDN service in the world currently and serves over 15 million websites. Which allows them to identify malicious website visitors and create blocklists which all Cloudflare users can benefit from.

Cloudflare also offer an SSL certificate for free included in the monthly subscription. As part of your Primal Space hosting package, we will set this up within your Cloudflare account and apply it to the domain. The migration to Cloudflare involves pointing your website DNS to their servers. We will also handle this for you as part of the setup.

Meanwhile our website speed optimisation service goes hand in hand in improving your overall site performance and user experience. The modules we use for WordPress or Magento work alongside Cloudflare to better improve website speed. Within the website speed improvement service we offer, we can configure your Cloudflare account to be optimal for your specific website needs. Which includes optimised website code and serving imagery as WebP files to name but a few features. Allowing you to further improve your website SEO rankings, as speed continues to be a major factor in search engine algorithms.

Contact us to find out more about what Cloudflare can offer for your website, and add this service to your existing website hosting & maintenance package.

Speeding up your site and increasing performance

Here at Primal Space we’re now offering clients CDN (content delivery network) services powered by Cloudflare. Benefits of a CDN include, increasing the performance and overall speed of your website. As well as many safety features such as, allowing your web developer to safely access your site to perform required updates. Without the need to share passwords and log in details online.

This is incredibly valuable as our websites hold a vast array of customer data that would cause negative implications for any business should this become compromised.

By registering for a CDN subscription with Primal Space you allow us to carry out updates and improvements to your site security, speed and performance on your behalf.

Contact us to learn more about this service and how it could benefit your business.

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