Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance


If you don't have time to update your website, we can do it for you


Updating your site

If you’re busy running your business, it can be difficult to find time to update your WordPress website regularly. However frequent website updates are important! Not only to keep the information on your site fresh and relevant but also to improve SEO. It’s widely known that search engines favour sites that are being maintained on a consistent basis. Ranking these higher within their search results and showing them to a larger number of users who are looking for what you have to offer.

Having a WordPress website maintenance service in place allows us to offer your business a monthly support package. The services we offer can be bespoke to your requirements and consist of any of the following.

  • Content management
  • Unique content writing
  • Image upload and customisation
  • Database backups
  • Software security updates
  • Anti-virus/spam services

If you have a system administrator or admin clerk, we can work with them directly to offer WordPress maintenance on your website, ensuring your site is running the latest systems. As well as improving the overall design and functionality to provide a greater user experience.

So whether you require a major design change or just regular simple updates, our website maintenance and support service is designed to keep your WordPress site maintained and looking fresh.


Design & Technology Updates

There are a number of reasons why you may be looking for Magento website maintenance. This could be to improve the design and content of your site, or for more technical updates to how your site runs. We offer this Magento maintenance service mainly to long-term clients, allowing us to complete ad-hoc service updates each month. This can look like content updates, for example, you run monthly or seasonal offers for your e-commerce business. Or you’d like to tweak an existing design like swapping images or adding contact forms.

The reasons can be varied so this monthly maintenance structure allows us to consistently update your site on your behalf over an agreed number of hours. For occasions where more hours are needed to complete the work, we’ll communicate this with you and either split the task over a number of months. Or alternatively, you can pay for the extra hours required for us to complete the work necessary within one block of work.

In the instance that you are a new client looking for website development, we’d require a block of hours to be purchased initially. This will be determined based on your requirements. We’ll then move you on to our website maintenance service for ongoing Magento website updates and maintenance.

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Monthly maintenance services for your website

We provide clients with monthly website maintenance in Scotland and across the UK. whether your website required design or technology updates, our monthly website maintenance service can be customised to support your unique requirements. Technology and service updates are offered as part of our maintenance package and include service updates to plugins. As well as software and security updates, database backups and anti-virus and spam-related services. These are essential for the safe and successful running of any website and are often overlooked by site owners.

However, sites that aren’t maintained are likely to run into problems down the line. As software becomes slowly outdated and backups are not optimised.

Our maintenance service allows these all-important service updates to be carried out consistently. While allowing you to allocate some of this time to design-related updates too. We can carry out these on a monthly basis depending on your site’s requirements at the time. These may vary from month to month.

If you’d like to discuss design or technology maintenance services for your website please get in touch with us.

Regular updates of your websites content and security settings

As well as creating and designing websites, we can also regularly update and maintain them for you after the build is complete for a monthly management fee.

You dictate to us what you want us to update and we’ll ensure any text, images or general updates you need to be made to your site are done for you.

We will also ensure that your website is updated with the latest versions of software and security settings. Ensuring that your website is maintained and in full working order.

Our website maintenance service ensures that your site is updated and maintained on a regular basis.

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