Responsive Website Design

Responsive Web Design


Every website that we build is fully functional on all mobile phones and tablets. We believe responsive web design is so important. Because your website has to easily alternate across all devices and screen sizes to be user friendly.


Keeping your website consistent across all devices

Why is responsive web design so important we hear you ask? With internet browsing being more popular on smartphones and tablets than on desktop PCs and laptops. It’s incredibly important to ensure that your website looks good and is functional on all devices. At Primal Space digital agency, all of the websites that we design and build are responsive to adapt to all screen sizes. So you can be assured that your website will look professional on the smallest or largest of screens.

Responsive web design is incredibly important and always something to consider when putting together a new website. More and more web users are accessing the internet using their smartphones. And this trend isn’t something that will go out of fashion.

We like to ensure that all web users enjoy navigating any of the websites we build regardless of the device that they are on. Try out any of the websites we have in our web design portfolio section on multiple devices like a smartphone or tablet. To see for yourself how these dynamic websites work and look at different screen sizes. The website code recognises the size of the screen you are viewing the website on and adapts intelligently.

It is essential that your site is classed as being “mobile friendly” by search engines. As everything about a website’s architecture is interlinked. Being a mobile-friendly website is exceptionally good news for your SEO organic rankings.


Making your website user-friendly

Mobile websites are sites that are specifically designed to load on a smartphone. Mobile browsing is now more popular than ever. The levels of mobile web usage will continue to increase in the future. So it’s essential that your website performs perfectly on all smartphones.

There are many things to consider when deciding on how you want your mobile website to look. Factors include; website speed, the general layout of the website and ease of navigation. As well as user-friendliness, SEO factors, colour scheme and font size.

Mobile friendly websites will offer substantially better conversion rates for you and your business. If for example, you operate an e-commerce website, it’s essential that your customer is able to purchase easily on their mobile phone. You may be losing a substantial amount of sales if your website is not mobile-friendly.


Fully functional designs for any device

Some recent research from Adobe suggests that websites now get more traffic from tablets than they do on smartphones. Which is a staggering statistic when you think about the volume of people that use their smartphones to browse the web.

With the increase in recent years of users browsing the web on their tablet devices such as an Ipad, it’s important that your website looks perfect for their device and screen size. A standard desktop style websites don’t load particularly well on a tablet device as standard. The design needs to be modified to fit the screen size and be as user-friendly as possible.

The key thing to remember when thinking about the layout of a website to be designed specifically for a tablet device is to make the site to be “touch friendly”. By this we mean think about how the user interacts with your website. Key elements of the website design should be able to be touched, swiped or pinched (to zoom in generally). And all of this functionality needs to be built into your design. Things like font size should be increased for the smaller size of a screen. Flash should be avoided where possible as it’s not embraced by all tablet devices and your users could have issues loading your content.

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“I’ve recently engaged Primal Space to create for me an engaging website where I can showcase my photography. From start to finish Blair has been professional and knowledgeable and the resulting site is exactly as I wanted. Highly recommended.”

– Gavin, Photographer

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