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Web Support


We offer a range of services to support & maintain your website

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Monthly Hosting with Secure UK Based Servers

Website hosting can be a bit daunting if you’re not familiar with how it works. Here at Primal Space, we are proud to be able to offer clients affordable website hosting. Not only will we design and build your website for you. But we can also host it on one of our servers for a monthly or annual charge.

A variety of different levels of server specifications are available to choose from giving you flexibility and diversity, with hosting available to suit any need or budget.

Our agency also provides configuration, ongoing management and optimisation of the server, or multiple servers. Ensuring ongoing support and maintenance are carried out on a regular basis.


Content & Security Updates

As well as creating and designing websites, we can also regularly update and maintain them for you after the build is complete for a monthly management fee. Our web support service can include ongoing digital maintenance of your site. You dictate to us what you want us to update and we’ll ensure any text, images or general updates you need to be made to your site are done for you.

We also ensure that your website is updated with the latest versions of software and security settings. Ensuring that your website is maintained and in full working order. Our website maintenance service ensures that your site is updated and maintained on a regular basis.


Keeping Your Site Data Secure


GDPR compliance is the standard that your website is required to follow to keep your user’s data safe. It stands for General Data Protection Regulations and requires websites to to advise users of how their personal data is collected and processed.

As part of our GDPR compliance service, we’ll audit your website to investigate where it’s not currently meeting these regulations. We’ll then look to improve your site to bring it up to scratch in these areas. These will include your site’s pop-ups, cookies policy, privacy policy and contact forms.

For websites that don’t comply with current guidelines, there can be strict penalties and fines. So it’s important that these regulations are followed as a business owner with a website. Our service carried out all of the checks and makes the relevant changes to your site to ensure that compliance regulations are adhered to.

If you’d like to discuss any of our web support offerings please outline your requirements and our team will be in touch to discuss these in more details and offer guidance on the services that would best support you.


Upgrading to Google Analytics 4

Our aims through this universal analytics to Google analytics 4 migration service is to ensure your website is operating efficiently under these new guidelines and providing adequate metrics to support the way you run your business. Our service handles the transition process for you. Simplifying the set up, migration and optimising of your new Google Analytics 4 interface. While exporting historical data from the existing UA platform, before it’s deadline of July 2023 when it will no longer track website analytics and data.

There are several differences between GA4 and the current universal analytics. Including deeper insights and GoogleAds integration. As well as cross device metrics and more options for data control. Here at Primal Space we handle all of the complex set up and optimisation of your UA to GA4 migration. Ensuring your existing data is not lost during this transition process.

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