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At Primal Space we take our green policy very seriously and it’s at the heart of everything we do. From the businesses we work alongside to the services we offer our clients. The goal of improving society and leaving as small a footprint as possible on our planet is something we place a high value on.

We believe that the worlds challenges cannot be solved by governments or society alone. It’s our responsibility, as business owners, to set a positive example and be a force for good.

We implement our green policy in several different ways, and we’re always looking to grow and expand our impact in this area of our business. Whether that’s partnering with businesses that adopt the same mission as us. Or providing discounts to green/eco companies and charities to allow them to make a bigger impact in the world. As well as offering remote working which allows us to lower our carbon footprint.

We hope you enjoy reading more about the daily actions we take to make our business greener. Perhaps you can take away some of these points to implement into your own business. You can also read more about our green commitment on our blog.


Protecting Our Planet

Since launching in 2015 we’ve consistently looked at ways to improve our game when it comes to reducing our environmental impact.

At Primal Space we’re proud to be completely paper free and we have been since launching. As a forward thinking company that strives to help clients improve their online presence we work digitally in all areas of our business. Whether that be mock ups, to do list or client contracts. Therefore, we never use paper and therefore produce no waste in this area. Not only do we find that this keeps our clients data more secure, we also save more trees in the process. On the rare occasion that we do use paper, we always ensure that it’s recycled appropriately.

As well as this, we’re extremely passionate about lowering our carbon footprint. Therefore, Primal Space operate as a remote working business. Being home based we lower our fossil fuel consumption from the daily commute which minimises greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore helping us keep in line with our green policy. While thanks to many excellent online communication tools out there such as Skype and Zoom. We’re able to effectively communicate with our clients, regardless of where they’re located. Allowing us to create more hours in our working day, connecting with more people easily with zero carbon emissions. While cutting out the time wasted sitting in traffic, we can spend more time helping our clients by creating beautiful websites.

We’re constantly search for new ways to improve our zero waste work ethic and improve our green policy and environmental impact.


Positively Impacting Society Through Our Green Policy

Our ethics as a company from a business perspective are to provide exceptional levels of service to our clients. Meanwhile being transparent about our costs and only charging you what it takes to get the job done, and no more than that. This is also part of our green policy, as it saddens us to see so many business out there charging more than what they need to for services we know that we can deliver for a fraction of the price. We offer our clients upfront solutions to their problems. Delivering beautiful functional websites that will provide them with a return on their investments.

At Primal Space we are also proud to offer a 25% discount to green/eco companies and registered charities. Working with many different companies and charities in various different sectors, we aim to help them spread their positive message and share their resources with more people. Therefore positively impacting the planet.

We’ve worked with many charities from homeless action charities to children charities to name a few. While we’re always looking for new charities to partner with.

If you are a charity then please get in touch with us, we’d love to help you!


Supporting a Greener Future

As part of our green policy we intentionally we seek out businesses who are also on the same mission as us to partner with and work alongside. Whether that be utilising greener resources from office equipment to contractors who follow the same ethos as us.

At Primal Space we provide our clients with website hosting services. With our server data centres being UK based and 100% powered by renewable sources. Ensuring that cleaner, greener energy is being used wherever possible through every aspect of our business.

We believe that we all have a responsibility to do what we can to improve our environment and planet for future generations. Therefore we love working with clients who are also on the same wavelength as us and help them bring their ideas to life.

Can you relate to our green policy? Or do you would like to offer a service which can make our business greener and more environmentally friendly? We’d love to hear from you!

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