Summary of Recent Primal Space Updates

Summary of Recent Primal Space Updates

At Primal Space we are constantly striving to improve our standard of services for our clients. This post talks about some of the recent improvements we’ve made to enable us to do that. We’ve listened to feedback from our current clients over recent months, and learned from experience. These changes will allow us to re-structure our ability to help our customers. Ensuring we always offer a rapid response when you need it most. We’ve broken up these changes into different categories below.

Recent Improvements to Hosting Support

Website hosting support

We are restructuring our website hosting support. Having created a range of packages that allow you to choose the level of support you require from us. So basic cost-effective solutions that create regular rolling back-ups for you. These back-ups are available as on-site only or for maximum peace of mind both on and off-site back-ups. Higher levels of support packages include regular security updates for your website and additional development time.

As part of our recent improvements, a minimum requirement from the 1st of April 2017 onwards is that our entry level of web support will be required for all hosting clients. This entry-level package simply includes on-site only back-ups of the files of your website. Website back-ups are essential in case anything happens to your website data. We can restore back-ups for you within minutes of an issue being identified. If you are already on one of our hosting support packages, then no action is required by you at this stage. At Primal Space, we work with 2 different types of website development software; WordPress and Magento. So our support packages are broken up by these 2 types of website. You can find details of the individual packages below:

WordPress Website Support Packages

Magento Website Support Packages

Prices for our WordPress support packages that offer on-site only back-ups start from only £8 + VAT per month. Magento support packages start from only £25 + VAT per month with on-site only website back-ups. Our back-ups contain only your website’s data, and may not contain your email mailbox data.

Email support

We’d like to take this opportunity to remind clients that we don’t offer email support. Primal Space is a website design company primarily, that offers website hosting as an add-on service for our clients. Our recent improvements to our website hosting support are designed to do exactly what the concept says. We host your website on one of our servers, based on the package you have chosen. Within this, should you choose to, you can have mailboxes added to the domain.

Due to the number of variances in mail clients and devices, we are unable to offer any assistance or support for the setup, maintenance or remedying of your emails for you. We will simply add any mailbox you request to your domain for you. These are POP/IMAP mailboxes. We have previously written a guide for POP/IMAP email mailbox setup, which you can use to get started. We have, on occasion, out of the kindness of our hearts, helped clients with email setup when they are really struggling. But we can’t offer this ongoing for a multitude of reasons.

We recommend all clients use Office365 or Google Apps for your website’s emails. Both options still offer you the ability to have your domain within the mailbox. We are happy to change the DNS records on your domain settings for you free of charge to help make this transition.

SSL Certificate Requirements

SSL certificates for all websites hosted by Primal Space are now a mandatory requirement as part of our hosting agreement. An SSL certificate encrypts the data transmitted by your website making it more secure. It makes it substantially more difficult for your website to be hacked. Google now gives a negative weighting to a website’s indexing, if it does not contain the https domain URL structure. Our basic certificates start from only £90 + VAT per year. Read more about this concept here – The important of SSL certificates for your website. If you already have an SSL certificate for your website, then no action is required by you. Your SSL certificate will automatically continue to renew annually.

Pay Invoices Online

Another of the recent improvements we’ve made is that you will now find your copies of all of your invoices within your client account area. These invoices can now be paid online with any major credit or debit card should you wish to. There’s a small processing fee of 2.5% for using a card to pay your invoice. You can still pay for your regular monthly invoices by standing order if you wish to continue doing so.

New Terms & Conditions

Our terms and conditions have changed to reflect our recent improvements. We now have separate terms for website hosting, website support, website design and SEO. These newly updated documents can be viewed online on the link here below:

Primal Space Terms of Business

And all of our company policies can be found on the link below:

Primal Space Policies

If you are already receiving any of these services from us, then you must sign the relevant new version of these documents before the 1st of April 2017.

SEO Service Changes

The pricing and operating structure of our SEO services have also had some recent improvements. We have streamlined the packages greatly to make our offering simpler and more transparent. Here at Primal Space, we are still (to our knowledge) the only SEO company in the UK that has no up-front charges for our SEO work. And the only company that doesn’t invoice you a penny until 1 month after we deliver our agreed results with you! See our new SEO terms and conditions above for more in-depth information on this subject of SEO.


We hope that these recent improvements and changes will greatly impact our overall level of service to our existing clients, and for new clients that are joining us in the near future. If you have any questions about any aspect of the above post, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we will gladly help you.