How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Drive Traffic to Your Website Online

How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

A question we’re asked all the time is how do I drive more traffic to my WordPress website. Although there is no quick fix or overnight solution to drive more traffic to your website. There are several proven strategies that we believe create success. Most of these require consistency and a long term vision. This can be hard to comprehend in todays fast paced digital world. Yes, by all means you could pump money into advertising for a short space of time. But this will offer short term results, and often won’t attract your desired customer. Instead it’s just a case of casting the net and seeing what comes in with the catch. Meanwhile, running expensive ad campaigns isn’t sustainable or profitable for most businesses in the long run. Particularly if you’re just starting out.

So the suggestions we’ll make throughout this post will create sustainable results that will continue to positively impact your business long term.

Top Tips to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

The majority of the suggestions we’ll make here in this post are actions that can be carried out by you independently. You may wish to focus on one of these areas or schedule all of them into your monthly calendar. The most important thing is creating consistent habits around these in order to see long term results.

Update Your Website Regularly

One of the key ways to drive traffic to your website is to ensure that it’s regularly updated. Many clients come to us wondering why their site isn’t being found or why their traffic is so low. But in reality it’s been left untouched for years with no new content added. And a lot of the content that is there is perhaps outdated. You’ll never drive more organic traffic to your site if you aren’t actively adding value and substance to your main marketing tool. Search engines favour content that is fresh and relevant. So by updating your site consistently you’re actively telling search engines that you have something important to say.

How do I do this we hear you ask. Well the easiest way is to add blog content to your website consistently that is relevant to your business niche. At least once per month is a good goal to aim towards as a minimum. So that might be posts about new product launches or services that you’re offering. Upcoming trends. Or guides that add value to your audience. There are plenty ways to find inspiration. Look at the people who are where you want to be, and take inspiration from what they’re blogging about.

* Side note, do not copy any of their content. Google is wise to this and will rank you down for stealing other peoples words. The opposite to the desired effect of driving traffic to your site. So ensure that what your talking about is unique content on your own website, spoken in your voice with your own tone. It’s better to be a first rate version of yourself than a second rate version of someone else.

Learn more about best practices for writing blog posts in our recent guide filled with helpful hints and tips on creating engaging and SEO friendly content.

Look to Add Value

Look for opportunities to add value to your potential customers. How can you solve a problem for them. Joining communities that relate to your business then sharing your business is a great way for people to connect with your brand. People don’t like to be hard sold too, but they do like when people connect with them on a deeper level to help solve problems. By doing this you’re more likely to attract your ideal customer, and build relationships that will have them connected to your for life. People leave businesses but they don’t leave people.

Driving More Traffic to Your Website

Share Content From Your Site Socially

We see a lot of businesses aimlessly sharing content on social media without a call to action. Then wondering why their websites traffic isn’t increasing. Or businesses saying they don’t use social media, because they don’t have anything to share. This is a biggie and comes back to point 1 and 2 outlined above.

Your goal is to update your site regularly. So creating valuable content to be shared on social media will not only add value to potential customers. It will also redirect those customers back to your site and increase your traffic. So blog posts, products or portfolios of recent projects etc.

A lot of businesses make the mistake of sharing the tools directly on social media. Where they instead should be using their own website as the tool then sharing an insight to the tools with the users via their social channels.

It’s about giving your customers a taste of the pie…not the entire pie at once.

Some Other Things to Consider on the Topic of Social Sharing

Is your website URL linked in your social bios? Is your website URL in your personal bios on social media? Are you sharing your website on your email signature? Do you have a Google account for your business that will appear in search engines? People expect to find URLs in these locations, so it’s an easy win to allow them to navigate there off their own accord.

I’ve seen situations where we’ve found an interesting brand on Instagram and not found a link on their bio. Instead having to search for them on Google, flicking between two tabs working out the spelling etc. If you didn’t realise already customers are lazy. If it’s not quick they’ll move on elsewhere. So don’t miss out on the sale/client/lead due to a simple over site.

Link to External Resources

A great way to drive traffic to your website is by linking to external resources. Perhaps in a blog post you talk about a related service or company you’ve partnered with to carry out the work. Tag them. Make sure your link opens in a new tab so your user can stay on your site but view the content externally if they want to. Google likes interlinked content. Particularly when it relates to businesses or topics they’re aware of. It also backs up your site as being relevant and valuable.

Here’s an alternative to this is if you’re adding a portfolio to your site. You might want to add a reference to the person or company you carried out the work for. Then share this post or portfolio on social media by tagging them. They might then decide to re-share your content that will drive traffic from their followers to your post and then on to your website. A quick win to market to an entirely new network who you’re connected to already via a third party.

SEO Audit to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Carry out an SEO Audit of Your Sites Pages

For long term sustainable growth, an SEO audit is not to be overlooked because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like hard work. An SEO audit for your website can pay off dividends overtime if acted upon. It’s so valuable that we’ve written an entire post about it called How to Compelte an SEO Audit so check that out for the how to.

Learning about the words you’re targeting on every page of your site and whether or not it’s helping or hindering your success is a real game changer. From here you’ll be able to take educated action. It might require some simple tweaking to your websites pages to add in the correct key words. Or you may wish to enlist the help of a more experienced website developer to carry out this task. By putting in the work it could be the difference of your site being found by your ideal target audience, or not.

Keeping Traffic on Your Site

Once you’ve gotten a user to your site, it’s desirable to keep them engaged and moving around your sites pages. So ensuring that there’s internal linking to other pages of your site is important. Also that your blog posts link to pages of your site or services you’re looking to target. As well as having relevant call to actions that encourage users to perform an action to move them along the sales funnel. So to make the sale, by the product, submit an enquiry or join the mailing list.

It’s much easier to keep a customer than it is to acquire a new one. So by having a user follow on social media where they can continually be updated on your products and or services and connect with your brand is where the magic happens. Before long your customers will be doing the marketing for you by sharing your content to their own network. It doesn’t take an army, it just takes a few.

Drive More Traffic to Your Websites Pages

Hopefully you’ve been able to take away some top tips on how to drive traffic to your website from the insights we’ve provided within this post. Something we hope that you take away is that it’s important to be in it for the long game. When people are offered quick fixes or instant results they’re rarely sustainable or impactful. We suggest applying the techniques we’ve shared in this post as a starting point. You can use our tutorials for help and advice on updating your WordPress website.

If you’d like help moving forward, then reach out to us here at Primal Space. Our agency specialise in a whole range of digital services including digital marketing, specialised platform-specific website hosting and SEO.

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