How to Complete an SEO Audit

How to Complete an SEO Audit

How to Complete an SEO Audit

What is an SEO Audit?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an important way to market your business online. Therefore ensuring that your target audience is finding your products and services based on your ranking position on search engines. An SEO audit is a means of measuring your current performance and how your site is operating on search engines. In short, it’s your digital marketing strategy for your website.

Why Do I Need to Carry Out an SEO Audit?

At Primal Space digital agency we understand that it’s all well and good having a beautifully designed website. However if no one is finding your site on the vast world of the web. Then it’s failing to successfully market your business and services to your desired audience. Resulting in a massive loss of revenue.

By carrying out an SEO audit, you can identify potential areas that are damaging your ability to be found by search engines. Perhaps your website is focusing on keywords that aren’t in line with the message that you’re looking to project. By successfully improving your sites SEO you will increase your page views, conversion and performance. Resulting in more users and effectively a greater turnover for your business.

SEO Audit Google

The good news is an SEO audit can be carried out at any time. While it’s great to do this at the early stages of planning before website development commences. We also work with clients who have had a website for a while and are looking to make improvements to boost their SEO rankings.

How to Perform an SEO Audit?

When our agency asks for clients to complete an audit on their site it often insights fear and panic. However an SEO audit is a simple process which doesn’t need to be a cause for concern. If carried out effectively, can lead to dramatic positive results for your company or organisations website. So let’s dig in and take a look at the process.

Begin With The End in Mind

Firstly before we begin our SEO audit, we suggest you start with the end in mind. Consider the goals that you are trying to accomplish, the target market that you’re trying to reach through your website. What would they be searching for in order to come across your website ahead of your competitors. By understanding the ‘who’ and the ‘what’ first and foremost. It makes the how, ie the process you need to implement, all the more clear. This step can be undertaken as a simple brainstorming technique. You can’t go wrong with a good old spider diagram!

Analysing Your Website

Are you targeting the right keywords? The next step is to create an SEO Keyword Mapping Document. This is where the SEO audit comes into play. If you’re lucky enough to be a client of Primal Space digital agency. Then we’ll likely have provided you with one of these in the format of a Google Sheet as part of our SEO service. The format of this document will list your websites pages. As well as the current keywords that these pages are targeting.

SEO Audit Brainstorm

Where can you find these? These are the keywords that are most prominent within the page. Addressed in headings, repeated throughout text content and linked to the most regularly within the architecture of your site. Focusing on one page at a time and listing the words and phrases that are the forming the bones of your website can be an enlightening process. During which many of our clients find that they’re targeting phrases that they had no intention to.

By working through an SEO keyword mapping document, you can quickly identify what is present and what is missing. While understanding what needs to be improved upon to become more search friendly when search engines are skimming your site.

Creating SEO Friendly Content

Now it’s time to incorporate your new keywords from your SEO audit into your websites content. Your website developer can help you with this process. Although it’s important that you’ve invested the time in to creating good quality content writing that they can work with. These new keywords and phrases that form your SEO strategy for marketing your website should be clearly structured. With each page of your site targeting a specific key phrase and having keywords incorporated throughout the headers and body text content.

SEO Audit Development

You can use the Yoast plugin for WordPress. Keeping you on track with how well your page content is performing based on your chosen keywords and phrases. This easy to navigate tool uses a simple traffic light system. As human beings there’s nothing more satisfying than a green smiley face. Giving you the thumbs up that your content creation is on track and performing well to reach your SEO goals.

Improve Your Sites Performance

By now you should have a clearer understanding of why an SEO audit is an integral part of your online marketing strategy. You should also be able to identify how to implement an SEO audit on your site and how to rework your content to form your new SEO goals.

As leading WordPress developers our digital agency will be able to help you navigate the more technical aspects of improving your websites SEO. Because there are many contributing factors that lead your site to the holy grail of a top ranking position on Google. However by investing a bit of time and energy into completing an SEO audit. You’ll see this pay out dividends in the long term. Great SEO isn’t just about what we’ve outlined in this post but  it does contribute massively.

Here at Primal Space we provide a website speed optimisation service to clients looking to improve their overall site performance. Meanwhile our CDN subscription service provides an excellent addition to your site health and SEO. Allowing you to benefit from multiple servers to leverage your websites resources.

If you’d like to find out more about our SEO service and how this can help you then reach out to us and we’ll be glad to discuss this with you.