Supporting Local Charities

Supporting Local Charities

Charity website design – Are you a charity?

Here at Primal Space HQ, providing charity website design is close to our heart. Because we are proud to be able to use our web design services to give back to the local community. As a result we have worked closely with five charities over the past few months providing them with WordPress website development and hosting services at our special discounted charity rates. Therefore, allowing these groups to share their message, gain support and help others in need of their services. As well as raising money for their cause allowing them to make a greater impact.

At Primal Space our ethos is to help make a difference. We take our Green Policy very seriously and are passionate about working with the local community to improve quality of life for those within it. We firmly believe that the two go hand in hand. Therefore we hope that by helping more charities and green eco businesses extend their reach we can add more value to communities further afield.

Why does a charity need a website?

Our team love hearing from people who are making a positive difference in the community. Primal Space charity website design initiative works with charities small and large throughout Scotland and further afield. Because we believe that having an online presence is incredibly important, not only for businesses, but for anyone looking to have their message heard. An online web presence can be the most cost effective form of marketing. Our websites are SEO friendly. Therefore we work with you to create text content for your site that targets specific keywords. As a result, allowing you to rank high on UK search engines, and be discovered by those who are in need of the services your charity provides.

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What sort of charities do you work with?

Primal Space work with a whole range of charities and green/eco businesses to help them increase their online presence and create a bigger impact through the web design services provided. Some of the charities we’ve recently worked with include; Homeless Action Scotland. Who strive to improve the conditions for homeless people in Scotland and those at risk of becoming homeless. Another charity we’ve worked with is Raised Voices. An Edinburgh based charity providing creative writing and performance workshops for homeless people in Edinburgh and Lothians.

Our team at Primal Space are keen to help more green/eco businesses and charities spread their positive message and extend their reach to help more people through their cause or services. If you know of any charities who you feel could benefit from a website. Or have an old website that’s in need of updating then we’d love to hear from them and we’d be happy to lend a hand. We work with all registered charities in Scotland and further afield, throughout the UK. As well as any green/eco business who is looking to positively improve our environment or the planet. Read more about out Green Commitment and our social mission to help the planet and improve communities.

How can Primal Space help you?

Primal Space offers charity website design and web development services at a discounted rate of at least 25% from our normal hourly rate for all UK registered charities. This includes website development on WordPress which is a platform that we highly recommend to all our clients. As it allows you to update your website on-going. This is due to the fact that it’s an extremely intuitive platform that is user friendly. Therefore we would never recommend any other platform to any of our clients as WordPress is by far the best.

Do you run a charity or a green/eco business who’s looking to help more people and make a greater impact? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us to discuss your requirements and we can advise you on the next steps to build your website. Furthermore, you can find out about the other services we offer on our website or by contacting us directly.