Primal Space Green Commitment

Primal Space Green Commitment

Here at Primal Space HQ, we take our Green commitment very seriously. We truly believe that every person has a responsibility to look after our planet for future generations. And that businesses in particular, both small and large, should be doing their bit to promote a cleaner, greener way of working.

We are proud to have been following our green commitment since we first launched in 2016 and have not only maintained this but also improved our zero waste work ethic ever since. Because, when there’s a will there’s a way. It is completely achievable to provide excellent products or services, while at the same time leaving as small a footprint on our planet as possible.

Here are some simple but effective ways that we’ve managed to go zero waste, and how you can too.

Go paperless

Right from the beginning, we’ve operated a full paperless business. Being a forward thinking company, that’s all about helping our clients improve their online presence, it just made no sense to us to be operating on paper. Whether that be with mockups, to-do-lists, or client contracts and terms of conditions. We’re proud to be fully operational online.



By running everything from invoices to design planning using digital technology instead. We not only keep our client information more secure, but we also save more trees in the process. Yay to that! And on the very rare occasion that we do use paper, we ensure that it’s recycled appropriately.

We’ve even added a note to our email signature to think twice before you print. We know that so many companies wastefully print documents and consume masses of hard paper copies of communication and information that that doesn’t ever need to be printed. Encourage your office to switch up paper for digital. Not only will it keep your information more secure, and more organised, but it will cut down costs. While at the same time, will also have a positive environmental impact too.

Work remotely

We’ve never felt the need to invest in a bricks and mortar office. And all the additional power and energy that goes hand in hand with that. At Primal Space we benefit from a remote working environment. By cutting carbon emissions from the daily commute leads to a reduction in fossil fuel consumption. This has a direct effect on the minimising of greenhouse gas emissions. We’ve not only found that there are many environmental benefits to remote working, but also psychological benefits. Leading to a much happier workforce.

With so many great online communication tools, it makes it incredibly easy to operate a business that’s fully online.  We believe remote working is a strategy that more companies should adopt.



Avoid single-use purchases

At Primal Space HQ we love coffee, but we drink it out of our own favourite mug instead of being wasteful purchasing disposable cups from high street coffee chains. Just take a moment and think of all the people commuting to work today. How many of them will buy their morning coffee in a single use cup which will be thrown in the bin less half an hour later? If you multiply this over a lifetime this is a huge amount of cups alone for a single person. Please do us a favour… If you must buy a coffee from the high street, then take your own reusable cup. Carry a reusable water bottle. Meal prep your lunch instead of buying pre-packaged. Not only will you save the environment, but you’ll also save yourself a fortune.

We encourage other businesses to offer their staff free tea and coffee in the office and encourage them to bring along their favourite mug. By offering facilities where workers can be self-sufficient massively cuts down on global waste. It will also create an environment where employees feel their wellbeing is valued. Not only this but a ripple effect will be created where workers will carry these no waste values into their own lives and share them with their community, positively paying it forward and spreading the message far and wide. Small but significant changes can help put a stop to plastic pollution and save wildlife on land and sea.


Why me?

This is a topic that is extremely close to our hearts and we believe that everyone has the power to make an impact just by making more mindful choices on a daily basis. It’s just a decision. But seemingly small, daily positive decisions in the right direction create habits. And these good habits compounded over time lead to massive results.

We truly believe that if more businesses adopted this mindful approach to working and spread their message then we can all work together to solve our current global environmental problems and create a greener, brighter future for our planet.

Together we can make a difference.