POP/IMAP Mailboxes No Longer Supported

POP or IMAP Email Support

POP/IMAP Mailboxes No Longer Supported

In recent years we have been upgrading our servers onto a new internal platform. To keep this streamline, it only consists of what is required which ultimately aids in website speed. This means POP/IMAP mailboxes that may have been available to you on an older server version, are no longer supported/available. Our recommendation has always been not to use such mailboxes for a multitude of reasons. We have been transitioning our clients to more resilient email platforms for a number of years now, like Gmail or Microsoft Office365 for example.

These POP/IMAP accounts will continue to work up until 31st August 2022. Any mailboxes should be transitioned before this date. An SMTP relay is still recommended to be setup and used to improve mail deliverability.

What does this change mean for me?

If you don’t have a POP or IMAP email account then this won’t mean anything for your business and your mail services will continue to operate as normal. However for business that do retain either of these mailbox types for email management then we’ll require you to transition to a proper email management service. For Google Workspace (Gmail) and Microsoft Office365 we can offer a service to update the DNS on your domain, if your website hosting with ourselves.

There are many benefits to transitioning to these platforms, from security and resilience to improved bounce back rates. You can learn more about why we recommend G Suite and Office 365. As well as understanding the set up and transition process.

POP and IMAP Mailboxes No Longer Supported

If you’re unsure how your business will be affected by these changes then please reach out to us and we can advise on the next steps specific to your site.

Here at Primal Space we’re always making improvements to our services to benefit our clients. We believe this will allow us to offer you a higher standard of service in the long term by partnering with more efficient email providers for your business. Allowing improved opportunities for growth into the future and more resilient email deliverability for a relatively low monthly cost.

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