Is My Site GDPR Compliant?

GDPR Changes to Regulations 2022

Is My Site GDPR Compliant?

Confused about GDPR compliance and wondering if your site meets current GDPR regulations? Perhaps you’ve seen some alerts appearing in your WordPress admin dashboard about businesses being fined. Or noticed changes to the pop-ups on sites that you regularly visit.

Like all things GDPR, it’s important that your website complies with these requirements. Making your user’s safety a priority and keeping their data safe at all times!

What is GDPR Compliance?

For those of you who aren’t up to speed on GDPR, this stands for General Data Protection Regulations. Requiring online businesses with a website to advise all users of how their personal data is collected and processed. While giving them the opportunity to opt out of the collecting and storing of their data. As well as requesting users to agree to their data being used while visiting your website. Consider your site’s privacy policy and cookies policies for example, these both play an important role in ensuring your site’s GDPR requirements are met. You can find more information on the legal requirements of GDPR on the UK government website.

How Can I Ensure My Site Is GDPR Compliant?

If you’ve had a website for a while, particularly one that we’ve designed for you, it’s likely that you’ll already have some GDPR-compliant systems in place. However, there are stringent legal requirements to be adhered to so it’s always worth reassessing to ensure you are compliant with current GDPR expectations as a business owner with a website. The responsibility lies with you to ensure that your site meets these legal requirements. Failing to implement these within your site’s policies and procedures can incur strong financial penalties.

Here at Primal Space, we consider GDPR compliance as part of your website build and within every project. However, for clients that have been with us for a while, your updates are likely to be out of date and not follow the most recent government guidelines. For clients whose website needs updating we’ve recently launched our GDPR compliance service. As part of this, we’ll audit your website to investigate where it’s not currently meeting these new regulations. Looking to improve your site while bringing it up to scratch in these key areas. Ensuring it’s fully compliant moving forward in the digital areas that we can operate on your behalf.

Essential GDPR Changes 2022

Our GDPR Compliant Services

What does this new service include? To ensure your website is fully GDPR compliant, we’ll update your site’s pop-ups to include your privacy policy and add a cookies banner. As well as refreshing your website’s contact forms to include GDPR check boxes for users to agree to the collection of their data. While also including a link to your privacy statement. In addition, we’ll carry out a full audit of your site’s data. Looking for other areas to improve your GDPR score. Ensuring your site is fully compliant from a digital standpoint.

Your GDPR Legal Requirements

We’re all about creativity simplified, and when it comes to legal obligations this is no different. We’ve created this new service to streamline the process. Ensuring your site fulfils its legal GDPR obligations. As well as allowing all businesses, regardless of their size to implement these new changes.

It’s important to note that we can only carry out specific GDPR related actions on your behalf. It’s your responsibility as a business owner to take legal action to ensure that your business as a whole complies. For example, your website’s privacy policy, terms and cookies policy should be written by a legal professional with knowledge of current GDPR laws and your business. It’s also important to assess your business practices and how you use and manage your user data and disclose this within your site’s policies.

We can carry out digital updates to your site with the information you provide us. However the responsibility of ensuring your site, and business as a whole, meets these GDPR requirements is ultimately up to you in the way you operate your business day to day.

Our team will be in touch with you directly to action these GDPR audits on your site in the coming weeks. In the meantime if you have any questions about this service please feel free to contact us – we’d be happy to discuss this with you.