Do I Need A Website For My Small Business?

Do I Need A Website For My Small Business

Do I Need A Website For My Small Business?

January is here and you’re likely on a mission to take your business to a whole new level. However with so many goals, it can be hard to determine where to start. As well as what you should focus your attention on. If you’re asking yourself the question ‘do i need a website for my small business’ then you’re in the right place.

The short answer is yes! But let us elaborate and tell you some good reasons why a website for your small business. Or any business or organisation for that matter. Is a good idea! As well as a huge step in the right direction towards overall business growth.

Technology is Only Going One Way – Forward!

Don’t get left behind. You’re forcing your potential customers and clients to find your competitors who do have a website instead of you. Technology is rapidly moving forward. The way we live our lives is changing and technology is at the centre of it all. It may seem like not that long ago when the only people who had websites were tech companies and celebrities. But times are a changing.

Now everyone from your auntie to your neighbours dog has an online presence. While we all turn to Google to answer everyday questions. Whether you’re looking for an accountant, an outfit for a special event, a table at a restaurant or a plumber. If you don’t have a professional website design then you’re not being found. So jump on the bandwagon and take advantage or be prepared to be left behind.


By opting to not have a website your potential clients and customers may question your companies integrity. They may contemplate why you would not want to share information about your businesses and services online. Therefore wondering about your reputability as a company. Or questioning whether or not you’re even operating if you don’t currently have an online presence.

People like transparency. As we’re all used to being able to gather instant information about people from social media. Albeit a somewhat polished version of how we wish to present ourselves. Therefore we expect the businesses that we partner with to provide the same transparency through their online presence. As a result allowing us to make an informed opinion. Before investing in whatever product or service we’re being sold on.

Do I Need A Website. Yes!Customers Are Already Searching For You Online

Following on from the previous points this is an absolute no brainier as to why you need a website. If you don’t currently have an online presence then you’re throwing away income that could be paid to your business. Let us elaborate.

Say for instance you’re looking for a website designer. You type into Google ‘website designer Edinburgh’. At the top of the search engine are all the paid adverts, that we’re all savvy enough to know to avoid. While below this are the actual search results. You’ll select from one of these companies who have a website. After perhaps browsing a few options and choose the one that best aligns with your needs and your values. Finally sending off an enquiry.

When people in your area are searching for services that your business offers. Because you don’t have a website then they’re choosing your competitors – Fact! You need a website and an online presence to be found by your customers. More so in 2020 than ever before. While choosing a website developer who also offers SEO to help your website rank high in search engines is an absolute must.

Time and Convenience

This is an important point, especially if you run a business that sells products. It’s a no brainier that customers are shopping online more than ever before. Ask yourself how many items you’ve purchased online in the past two months. Customers shopping behaviour is changing. Consumers today are far more likely to shop from their smart phone during their train journey to work. Than on a Saturday afternoon on a busy high street.

Although they are still doing the later, it’s becoming less frequent. As a result traditional bricks and mortar stores are struggling to keep their doors open. While also meet the demands of turning a profit after all the bills are paid.

By taking a traditional business online you have no real overheads. Your rent becomes minuscule in the form of a monthly hosting services for your website. Therefore allowing you to price yourself competitively in the market to match your competitors. While also allowing your brand to be exposed to customers looking for your products much further afield.

Do I Need A Website. LaptopSecuring Long Term Growth

Perhaps you run a creative small business. Using the likes of Etsy or Not on the High Street to sell your products. As a result you feel that you don’t need a website. As the platform you’re selling through is providing the website for you.

In this instance we’d encourage you to take back control of your business by having your own website. What if that platform was to suddenly shut down tomorrow? How would you make an income? Where would your loyal customers continue to buy you products? By having your own website first and foremost. Then using other platforms as a tool to increase brand awareness and marketing. As a result you’ll protect yourself and ensure your business is more sustainable for the long term.

Control Over How You Present Your Products/Services

Regardless of what sector your business falls under. You’ll likely want to have control over how your brand image is being presented online. This is incredibly important. Therefore having a website of your own gives you control over the message that you present to the world.

For instance if you’re a restaurant, having your main online presence as a Trip Adviser profile won’t necessarily serve your brand well. As you have little to no control over what content is being posted. While negative reviews can be hard to shift and overcome. Particularly if you have no secondary source allowing future customers to form their own opinions of your business based on your website. As opposed to the negative experience of one unhappy customer on essentially a forum.

Digital marketing is incredibly important and a website allows you to be a bit more picky and show a more polished version of your brand. Perhaps displaying your best reviews and client feedback. As well as curated images that best represent the tone that you wish to present to the world. While telling your story to connect and engage with customers and clients with similar values.

Encourages Communication

Not only is it important that you have a website. But also one that has the ability for customers and clients to engage with you. Whether that be a contact form, a click to call button or a booking system. Or ideally all of the above.

If your website is for a service that requires communication. However you don’t currently have a facility to be contacted, then your customers will instead find someone who does.

For businesses in a services industry. You need to provide methods of communication that fit into peoples busy lives who you’re trying to serve. Or accept that you will miss out on clients to your competitors.

Do I Really Need A WebsiteThe Best Investment You’ll Make in 2020

Investing in a professional website for your business is an absolute no brainer. Regardless of whether you’re a start up or an established business. However the scale and functionality may differ depending on your requirements. We are yet to speak to a client who regrets their decision to take their business online.

It’s incredibly important that you invest in quality that will last. Over a budget or free site that provides no room for growth. Therefore engaging with an experienced agency who have the skills and know how to bring your design to life. As well as considering elements such as positive user experience. All the while serving your brand well and create a coherent online image for your company is an absolute must.

On the other hand, using a free or budget service can do more harm than good. No one likes a half assed attempt at trying to look professional. Therefore we recommend that you leave this to the experts who are experienced in the field of website design. As a result freeing up more of your time for running your business.

Meanwhile, having a website is much more affordable than traditional branding and easy to maintain yourself ongoing. While digital marketing is also environmentally friendly and sees a larger return on investment than traditional printed advertising and marketing.

You Do Need A Website For Your Small Business

…So What Next?

So hopefully by now you’ll have a clear understanding of the many reasons why a website makes good business sense. As you’ll realise that you’re missing out on profit and long term growth by opting to not have a website. While causing your customers to question their trust in your brand. Not only are you missing out on sales from further afield that could effectively lead to huge expansion for your company. But also handing away control over your businesses online reputation and shutting down communication with potential customers.

Perhaps you’ve been procrastinating taking the leap to setting up a website and reading this post has just reaffirmed what you already know. However you’ve been holding back as you aren’t sure where to start or what will be required. The good news is you’re in the right place.

As a digital agency Primal Space provide a whole range of services to our clients. From website design and SEO to digital marketing and online branding. As well as website hosting and graphic design and much more.

Simply send through your website requirements to us and we’ll then arrange a call with you to discuss these in more detail.

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