Why Work With Us?

Why Work With Us Brand Values

Why Work With Us?

There are many digital agencies out there in the world today, all offering a variety of expertise. So why work with us?

We wanted to share a few of the reasons why we think you should consider us here at Primal Space. Allowing you to get a better insight into who we are, what we offer and what makes us stand out alongside other agencies. We hope this helps you make a more informed decision when choosing who to trust with your next creative project.

Our Brand Values

Does you business have brand values that you work towards? Perhaps they’re aligned with ours. The values that we stand by are support, simplicity and sustainability. These are the core set of guiding principles that shape every aspect of our business. We feel that by keeping these values in mind within our work each day we’re able to offer a continued level of service to our clients and meet their expectations, as well as our own. While allowing us to remember what’s most important in the work that we do. Not only in supporting us to balance customer service and creative design but other important factors close to our hearts, like environmental sustainability and equality for our wider community.

Let’s look a little deeper at these values, what they mean in our business, and how they impact you should you decide to work with us.


Customer service – We feel there’s a greater need now more than ever for good customer service. It’s a dying art that sadly has been lost along the way with businesses moving online. We always want to maintain a focus on customer service within all of our interactions. Whether that be with clients or the members of our team and the communities we engage with. We always want you to leave interactions with us feeling good. Our care for customer service has allowed us to support 300+ clients from different sectors. As well as businesses and organisations both large and small.

Guides and Tools – Our website is jam packed with free guides, tools and resources. We aim to always empower our clients to have the skills to easily use their website long after we’ve built them. As we never continue to bill for tasks that you can do yourself. So we’re constantly updating our guides to share tutorials and tips based on your feedback. Empowering you to take charge of your site and it’s content. Being able to update this yourself ongoing.

Why Work With Us Support

Referral Discounts – Many of our new clients come from word of mouth referrals from existing clients. As our aim with every project is to deliver the greatest return on investment. Therefore when clients have had a good experience with us, they like to share this with others. We offer existing clients a generous referral fee as a thank you for sharing our services with others.

Experienced – We’ve worked with over 300 clients with businesses or organisations in all kinds of sectors, both large and small. Over the years we’ve gained valuable experience of what works for our clients and how we can support them to deliver results. Systems are incredibly important for any creative project. We’ve honed our systems for many years and have created tools for working through projects effectively and efficiently. As a client you’re able to plug into these project management tools. Utilising these cloud based systems and resources to stay on track with your project. While collaborating with your own team members.

Aftercare – We continue to support our clients long after their initial project. Whether this be with additional services or with ad-hoc development to make changes and improvements as their business grows and evolves.


Simple  Approach – Our philosophy is creativity simplified. What does this mean? Cutting out all of the fluff that slows down getting you from where you are to where you want to be. We offer a simple approach to the world of website design and digital services. Providing clients with beautiful, efficient and functional websites that are eye catching and deliver results. Without draining your entire marketing budget. Another reason why businesses large and small decide to work with us.

Creative Design – Our website designs are focused on simplicity. Simple design is stylish, timeless and creates a better experience for users. We cut out unnecessary elements to focus on the overall aesthetic and function. While SEO takes users on a journey to fulfil the desired outcomes, your ultimate goals set out at the beginning of the project. Simple designs keep your site looking fresh and current for longer, meaning you don’t need to constantly update your website design to keep up with fast moving trends. Saving you time and money in the long run.

Simplicity - Work With Us

Multiple Services – Another reason why you may consider working with us is that we offer a multitude of services under one roof. Not only can we build your WordPress or Magento website. We also offer website hosting, digital marketing and graphic design. As well as services like website speed optimisation and CDN. We not only offer clients a better return on investment by providing these services in house. But also simplify the process, only having to deal with one business as opposed to liaising with several different companies who manage a varying number of services.

Clear Pricing – We offer the organisations we deliver services to exceptional value for money. By providing packages based on the level of service you require to complete to meet your requirements. As well as offering a competitive hourly rate for additional work carried out on a project. We also offer individually priced subscriptions for services like hosting and support that you can add on to any project. As we want to make our services accessible for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Rolling contracts – For services that require an annual subscription we provide continued rolling contracts thereafter the initial agreement. We understand that the world of business has become more challenging with the way the world is today. So although we do require initial subscriptions to be set up for some services, we allow you to continue with this package on a flexible rolling basis after the initial agreement term has ended.


Remote Working – Since our business launched 7+ years ago we’ve successfully maintained a remote working environment. We’re proud to see that other businesses are starting adopt this as a way of working. As it not only provides more flexibility and equality for our team, but also allows us to deliver a better service to our clients. Without the large overheads of an office environment we’re able to keep our prices competitive. While working smarter from a home based environment omits our daily commute and unnecessary travel omissions. Leading to a lower carbon footprint for all members of our team and our business as a whole. We run a digital business that’s predominantly online. So adopting useful online tools to stay connected allows us to continually support our community and our clients.

Why Work With Us Sustainability

Green Energy – 100% powered by renewable energy sources, we really care about the environment so this is important to us. All of our operating systems as well as our servers use clean green energy and UK based servers. We’re also completely carbon neutral.

Paper Free – We’re proud to be completely paper free and have been since launch. As a forward thinking company that strives to help clients improve their online presence we work digitally in all areas of our business. Whether that be mock ups, to do list or client contracts. Therefore, we never use paper and therefore produce no waste in this area. Not only do we find that this keeps our clients data more secure, we also save more trees in the process.

Why Work With Us?

So hopefully you now feel like you know us a little better. Understanding our company values, what matters most to us and how you can work with us on upcoming projects. As well as the impact that we can have in supporting your business going forward.

Whether you’re looking for a simple WordPress website design or a more complex Magento e-commerce solution. Or if you’re looking to improve your websites SEO or implement a more sustainable website hosting plan. We’re here to support your business and help you thrive, utilising our years of experience, in the online digital environment.

The best way to get in touch with us is to submit your requirements. Our team will arrange a chat to run through these with you and provide a solutions on how you can work with us to move your online business forward. We hope to be able to work with you in the future.