What is Google Analytics 4?

Google Analytics 4 GA4 Migration

What is Google Analytics 4?

You may have heard that Google is making some transformative changes to their analytics service. You might even have been asking yourself the question, ‘What is Google Analytics 4?’ We hope this post gives you some answers and a better understanding of this new upgrade is. Including the benefits of migrating from Universal analytics to Google analytics 4, and what these changes mean for your website.

What is GA4?

Universal analytics (UA) is the standard technology for data collection, tracking and reporting and the version that your website has been utilising. However Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is the next generation version of this software. With several new features it requires migration and set up by July 2023 which is the deadline for UA processing data. Until this date you can continue to use your current UA reporting tools, and will be able to access historical data for at least 6 months beyond this date. Then you’ll no longer be able to access these reports within your UA interface.

With GA4 being the future, and the existing UA software expiry date fast approaching. It’s essential that all clients migrate from universal analytics to Google analytics 4 before UA becomes obsolete.

Here are some of the benefits of this new software and how changes may affect your website.

Google Analytics 4

There are several differences between GA4 and the current universal analytics. Including deeper insights and GoogleAds integration. As well as cross device measuring metrics and more options for data control.

Not only is the interface different, but the way that information is gathered has also changed. With a greater focus on ‘events’ as opposed to page views. Giving a more in depth look at how users are interacting with your site and what led them there in the first instance. Enhanced event measuring metrics can be applied to discover actions taken by users such as video views, link clicks and file downloads. Giving a better understanding of your audience and their engagement with your website. You can also create custom events to specifically track your own requirements.

UA to GA4 Migration

Cookies and data analysis has also seen an upgrade with GA4. With more of a focus on custom reports created by you to see the data that’s most important as opposed to a one size fits all approach to data collection. A much more beneficial way of monitoring your sites analytics.

Meanwhile, the ability to collate data from both websites and apps within one interface allows improved reporting and analysing of the customer journey across multiple devices.

Migrating from UA to GA4

Upon discussing these new GA4 updates with clients we’ve heard a common theme of concern. Mainly around the process of migrating from Universal analytics to Google analytics 4. Without risking downtime on data measuring and reporting! We recommend that you run both side by side for a time and gradually phase out UA as you become more familiar with GA4. With our UA to GA4 upgrade service we handle all of the set-up for you. Exporting historical data from the old operating system that may be required in future. As well as setting up customised events and tracking metrics to suit your business.

Upgrading from Universal Analytics to GA4

GA4 is the future and will positively impact the way we gather and measure website users’ behaviour. Allowing us to implement changes to engage better with our audience and provide a more targeted service for our user’s needs. This new transition allows us to gain deeper insights into customer requirements and gather information from multiple devices. For further reading, you can explore Google’s support guides on this topic.

Like all changes, it can be daunting to embrace something new. Particularly when we’re busy running our businesses. So having to learn and implement new changes can feel like an unnecessary burden. So our new GA4 migration service is here to support your business in this area specifically. Bringing your analytics into the future to benefit your business as a whole in all areas.

Contact us to discuss this service and your requirements. Or arrange a website audit to discuss how improvements can be made to your site to enhance your user experience.

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