Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Regularly Post on Social Media

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Regularly Post on Social Media

We’ve found that there can be a real love-hate relationship with social media, particularly as business owners. However, we promise that once you’ve read our top 5 reasons why you should regularly post on social media. That you’ll feel a little different and realise that you’re leaving money on the table in your business by not utilising this valuable resource.

Social Media for Business

We all love a mindless scroll on Instagram. But when it comes to putting ourselves out there and posting about our business, many of us would rather walk on hot coals. Perhaps you’ve set up a social account on every platform already for your business but never posted. Or perhaps you’ve started posting, not seen the results you expected and never continued. Or maybe you use social media personally but the idea of posting about your business just feels icky. We get it! These are all common themes that we hear from our clients. We’ve found the reasons why people aren’t using social media can be one of two.

  1. You genuinely don’t know where to begin
  2. It feels uncomfortable

As a small business or startup, it can be hard to juggle all of the balls that are required. Often times it feels like you have many plates spinning simultaneously meaning tasks can often be left behind on the “someday when I have time” list. But social media shouldn’t be one of them.

5 Reasons for Posting on Social Media

Regardless of your business niche, the benefits of social media are huge, and there are countless. But here are a few of the ones we think are most important.

Why Post Regularly on Social Media

1. Stay Top of Mind with Your Customers

One of the best reasons to stay consistent with posting on social media is to stay top of mind with your customers. It’s been found that in 2022, 59% of the world’s population spent 2 hours and 29 minutes on social media each day. This is HUGE! During this time users are being exposed to many different ads and content from businesses that likely do the same as you. The brands that we buy from are brands that remind us regularly that they are there. They’re visible. So when we do require a product or service we think of them.

For this reason, it’s important to stay top of mind with your customer. It’s highly unlikely that your posts will instantly lead to sales. Once you have this mentality it takes the pressure off. But it has been proven that it can take 5-10 exposures before people buy a product or service. So it’s about showing up consistently and reminding your audience that you’re there. So when the time comes and they’re looking for what you have to offer, they think of you and not someone else.

2. Expand Your Audience

Social media is a great way to expand your audience and reach people out with your usual circle. The use of hashtags has been proven to grow a user’s audience exponentially over time. By using relevant hashtags you can connect with new audience members within social platforms who otherwise would not have found your content. On Instagram for example, hashtags allow you to be displayed on the newsfeeds of users who follow that particular tag.

You can also utilise location mapping to allow your posts to display within a particular area tag. For e-commerce businesses, this can allow you to expand your sales beyond your current city or even country. While for those offering online services this can allow your business to operate in a completely different timezone.

What’s more, when you do start to regularly post on social media, the algorithms of the platform will push your content out to more people. Allowing a greater number of people to see what you share.

Expand Your Audience by Posting Regularly on Social Media

When expanding your audience it’s important to build relationships with new followers. It is called social media after all. Be sure to connect with them and let them know you’re there to help if they require assistance. Making small connections in this way really does go a long way and helps you stand out as a business.

3. Provide Value

Another great benefit of social media for your business is to provide value to your followers. Perhaps you offer a service, therefore you could utilise social media to give away tips to your audience that support them in some way with your expertise. This allows you to build a rapport with your audience and connect with them. When trust is built over time this leads to sales and lifelong fans.

If you sell products through an e-commerce website you can use your social media to showcase products in more depth. Talking about how they’re used in more detail and provide tutorials or lifestyle images that help your audience connect deeper with your brand.

4. Create Brand Loyalty

You can also create real brand loyalty by regularly posting on social media. If you’re a product business, why not ask your customers to showcase the product they purchase in use on their social media and tag you.

There’s no better advertising for your brand than your products being used by your customers and being shared with their audience. What’s even better is that you can then reshare their post to your audience. Not only does this validate your products and service in more ways than a post of your own ever could, as it’s by a third party. But it also creates a deeper connection between you and that customer. Who feels seen and valued by the brand they already love.

You’ll most likely have a customer for life, and a raving fan who will speak highly of your business to everyone they know!

Top 5 Reasons to Post on Social

5. Show That You’re Still in Business

A really simple reason to regularly post on social media and one that is important is that it shows that you are still in business. As ridiculous as that sounds it’s very accurate. The reality is, most of the world today uses social media on a daily basis. For keeping up with friends, following world news and also to buy goods and services.

It’s highly likely that if a new customer comes across your business they’ll have a nosey at your social media. If that makes you feel uncomfortable because what’s on there doesn’t represent your brand. Or if you haven’t posted on there in a longgg time, then it’s time to speak to our social media experts.


We hope you can now see the value and importance of investing in your social media and making regular posting a priority. It really does add greater value to your business in the long term and can not only grow your audience and help your reach new customers and clients. But also provides value to your existing customers and creates brand loyalty. While reminding people that you’re still there when they do want to buy your product or service.

If this still feels uncomfortable or you fear you don’t have the energy to commit to going all in then start with just one platform. Alternatively, we offer a variety of packages to assist with social media management. As well as a simple set-up service to get you up and running.

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