Why is a CDN Important for my Website?

Why is a CDN Important for my Website?

A content delivery network, also known as a CDN. Is an important web concept, as it can dramatically improve the speed at which your website loads. This is a valuable service, particularly as your business starts to grow organically and your website begins to receive more traffic over time. It’s even more critical for your website to possess a CDN subscription if your customer base is global. Possessing this will help your website load faster on networks around the world. The outcomes of registering for a CDN are only positives. The price is generally very cost effective. Particularly if your website has low traffic. Here are some reasons listed below, outlining why it’s worth your time to invest in a CDN.

Improved speed

Using a CDN on a website that contains a large volume of content will increase the loading time of your site for users around the globe. A CDN would allow users from different countries to download static content from a closer source. CDN companies have numerous servers all over the world allowing your web users to access your website through the server closest to them. As a result, this makes your web pages completely functional worldwide.

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Improved efficiency

Another good reason to activate CDN within your website is that it allows for your business to grow over time. The benefits of having access to more than one single server is that should your site see an overnight influx of traffic. Whether this is the result of a marketing campaign or simply a higher demand for your business product or service, your website will be able to cope with the demands. Unlike websites that are on a single server which may not be able to cope in this instance.

Making your website available 24/7

By opting for a CDN your website won’t be affected if there are problems with your host server. Historically this can mean that your website is down for hours while the problems are resolved. However should you opt for a CDN that caches your most popular content, this will still be available to view should you encounter host server issues. Meaning your website is fully accessible regardless of what storms arise, your website continues to function.

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An investment for the future of your business

There are many CDN companies out there to choose from. Regardless of your budget or specifications, there is an option out there to suit your needs. From free services to basic packages. And right up there to the highest spec content delivery network. We highly recommend investing in one of these services from the outset. Not only to protect your content from possible DDoS attacks. Because CDN services have specialist technology in place by having users complete a CAPTCHA verification. This security measure is in place to prevent these attacks that lead to a loss of sales and data.

Furthermore, CDN also allows you to get the most out of your website by making your storefront visible across the globe. Helping to grow your business and maximise your presence online.

In a nutshell, a CDN (Content Delivery Network) is important for your site. So if you care about your website, look into setting this up today.

Here at Primal Space we offer a CDN Subscription with pricing of just £20 + VAT per month for a single domain. If you’re unsure what service would best suit your needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can advise you on this. At Primal Space we offer a wide variety of web development services, helping you get the most out of your website.

Our website speed optimisation service goes hand in hand with our CDN subscription for clients looking to improve their overall site performance. Leveraging resources such as Google PageSpeed and Core Web Vitals metrics provides us with actionable tasks to implement. Therefore creating tangible results to enhance your overall user experience.