How to Hire an E-Commerce Web Developer

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How to Hire an E-Commerce Web Developer

Hiring a website developer, or any external resource for your business requires careful consideration and a structured approach. Ensuring you find the right candidate for your specific business needs as well as a match that you can work with effectively.

From our experience, a great developer should understand your vision and ideal outcomes from the project. While guiding and supporting you by offering suggestions and a fresh point of view that you perhaps haven’t already considered.

To save you some time we’ve outlined some helpful steps to consider when looking to hire a web developer for your e-commerce store. Whether that be Magento, WooCommerce or Shopify.

Determine Your Requirements

Clearly define your requirements, including the platform you want to use (such as WordPress with WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, etc.), the features you need, the budget, and the timeline. Having a clear understanding of your project’s scope will help you find a developer with the appropriate skills and experience.

If you’re just starting out on your journey then use our guide to support you in creating a requirements document for your project. Which includes some prompts, examples and points to consider.


Start by researching and identifying potential e-commerce developers or development agencies. You can use various resources such as online job platforms, freelance websites, referrals, or professional networks. Look for developers or a Magento agency that has experience specifically in e-commerce development and has a portfolio of relevant projects.

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Review Portfolios and Experience

Evaluate the portfolios and experience of the candidates you have shortlisted. Look for examples of previous e-commerce projects they have worked on, their expertise in the specific platform you want to use, and the complexity of projects they have handled.

Pay attention to design quality, functionality, user experience, and any additional features they have implemented.

Check References and Reviews

Reach out to the candidates’ previous clients, if possible, to get feedback on their work. Additionally, search for reviews or testimonials online to gather more information about their reputation, reliability, and the quality of their work.

Conduct Interviews

Conduct interviews with the shortlisted candidates to assess their technical skills, problem-solving abilities, and communication skills. Ask questions about their experience with e-commerce development, their familiarity with the chosen platform, their approach to project management, and how they handle challenges and deadlines. The more you can understand their process and values, the easier it is to gain clarity on the potential working relationship and assess whether you or not you’re in alignment.

Evaluate Communication and Collaboration

E-commerce development often involves ongoing communication and collaboration with the developer or team. Assess their communication skills, responsiveness, and willingness to understand your business goals and requirements. Effective communication and collaboration are crucial for a successful development partnership.

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Consider Pricing and Contracts

Discuss pricing models, payment terms, and contracts with the candidates. Ensure that you have a clear understanding of their e-commerce pricing structure, what is included in the cost, and any ongoing website maintenance or support services they offer. For example, we offer platform-specific managed website hosting. Including Magento hosting and WooCommerce hosting for e-commerce websites that include allocated support and updates each month. Having an agency that provides multiple services under one roof will dramatically reduce the time spent communicating needs and requirements with multiple contacts. As one agency will be handling everything synergistically within their wider team of experts. When it comes to choosing an agency, review the contract thoroughly to ensure it protects your interests and covers all necessary details.

Making a Decision

Based on all the evaluations and considerations, make an informed decision and choose the developer or agency that best fits your needs and offers the most value. Remember, it’s essential to conduct due diligence and thoroughly evaluate your chosen candidates to ensure you find a competent and reliable match who can bring your vision to life and deliver a successful online store.

We always recommend that our potential clients speak with a few different e-commerce agencies. Allowing them to make an informed decision on the best fit for their needs and budget.

We hope you’ve found these tips on how to hire an e-commerce web developer useful. If you’d like to discuss your e-commerce project with our developers then we’d be happy to arrange this. To get started you can complete the requirements form here on our website. Once we’ve thoroughly reviewed this, a member of our team will be in touch to discuss how we may be able to support you.