Email and IT Support from Primal Space

Email and IT Support from Primal Space

*This post was edited in June 2020.

Email plays such a huge part in our daily lives, especially when running your business. It’s been estimated that we spend more than a quarter of our work life managing emails. Perhaps you can relate? In the past, businesses would traditionally host their emails on their website. But with the evolution of more and more adaptable email platforms that have better functionality and more user-friendly systems. As well as new technology and a demand for a better service. These things combines is changing how we email forever.

What Email Providers Do You Recommend?

To move your email setup into the modern age, we highly recommend to all of our clients to use either Office365 or G-suite by Google Cloud for your website’s emails. Both options still offer you the ability to have your domain within the mailbox but give you a much better system to work from with more flexible add-on’s that make them available across all devices.

G-suite from Google is an excellent collection of apps designed to simplify the day to day running of your business and connect the people in your company. Including Gmail, google drive and google calendar making it easier than ever for you to stay connected whether you’re in the office, or on the go. Not only this, but they also offer great client support! Meanwhile Office 365 developed by Microsoft offer a similar pay as you go type service. You can read a more detailed post that we’ve recently published exploring in more depth the benefits of Office 365 and G Suite.

Support We’re Able to Offer

With the large number of variances in different available mail clients and devices for email. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to offer a high standard of assistance or support for the setup, maintenance or remedying of client email settings/setup on smartphones, androids or tablets. Predominantly due to the high amount of various different settings and operating systems being available.  As well as regularly being completely different between one device to another.

Mail Support

We can offer all existing clients, as well as new hosting and development clients email set up on the server/domain. As well as the DNS settings, as part of our website hosting service. This will be charged at our normal hourly rate for any set up time and can be added to any project. Set up costs will vary based on the number of mailboxes, and if any forwards or aliases etc as these will take longer to set up based on your requirements. We’re only able to offer these services as part of an existing project and not as a standalone service.

You’ll then be able to finish setting up on your own local device using the username and password we’ll securely provide to you. There is extensive documentation provided by the email service provider on how to set up on your device. As well as a direct support line to that provider, should you require further assistance.

IT Support

Primal Space is predominantly a website design and development agency, as apposed to an IT support specialist company. For that reason, and for those stated above, our ability to support your email issues is limited. It’s not included in the scope of services we offer our clients. Simply because there are people out there who do it better than us.

If you’re looking for support in this field, we highly recommend the excellent email and IT Support service provided by Resource Telecom. With offices in Edinburgh and Glasgow, their in-depth knowledge and expertise in digital communications and IT is invaluable and will serve your business well. We’ve recommended Resource Telecom to multiple clients and had excellent feedback about their service. We’ve also used them to configure some advanced settings on our own company emails here at Primal Space HQ on Microsoft Office 365! So can speak very highly of them from first hand experience.

We are more than happy to change the DNS records on your domain settings for you at our end. Helping to make this transition simpler for you.

Finding Email and IT Support for Your Business

We hope you find this blog post helpful and now have a clearer understanding of the service we can offer. As well as the services that we’re currently unable to provide. Find out more about our website hosting packages we can offer our clients. You can find more resources and guides in the blog section of our website.

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