Digital Services to Help Your Business Grow

New Digital Services Available

Digital Services to Help Your Business Grow

We’ve recently added some new digital services to help your business grow and thrive. This has been driven by increased demand from our clients. As well as a gaps in the marketplace for some niche services that we knew our clients would benefit from. So when we couldn’t find what we were after to support you, we decided to create our own. Designing these services from a place of knowing what you need and how we can best support you. With the intention of improving your overall business strategy and growth in the digital arena.

So what are these exciting new digital services we’re offering you?

Our Brand New Digital Services

Our new services are designed to help existing clients as well as new clients. These can be purchased as a standalone service or as part of any digital project. If you aren’t yet a client with Primal Space then do get in touch and share your requirements with us. We’d be happy to discuss the best way to support your business.

Website Speed Optimisation

We’ve launched a new service to support you with website speed optimisation. Site speed can be transformative in improving the overall success of your website. Improving load times of your websites content, compressing large files to ensure they load quickly every time. By utilising Google PageSpeed and Core Web Vitals, we’ll measure user experience and score your overall performance. Using live user data we’ll make positive changes to improve your overall site health and performance. Enhancing your user experience to not only benefit your customers but successfully impacting several areas of your business.

Get in touch with us to speed up your website and enhance your user experience.

Social Media Marketing

A new digital service that we’re really excited to share with you is our social media marketing service. Social media marketing is one of the most prominent ways of exposing your brand to a wider audience. Telling your story and sharing your value with a larger community than ever before. Feedback we’ve been receiving from our clients is that you’re too busy running your business to think about social media marketing. Or you just feel a bit lost and have no idea how to get started. The common theme is that you understand the power of socials and you want a social media strategy. But you need support in this area to get it up and running. Can you relate?

New Digital Social Media Marketing Service

We’ve created four brand new social media management packages to support you based on your business needs. Whether you’re just looking to get set up for success. Or you’re looking for regular monthly posting. We provide varied services depending on how many social platforms you’d like to focus on and how many posts per month you’d like us to create for you. Our aim through this new digital service is to maximise the work we’re doing for our clients through website design and SEO. Helping more of the right people to find your business and it’s services and either purchase products or connect with your brand.

Would your business benefit from this new service for social media marketing? We’d love to discuss your requirements.

SMPT Relay

Another new digital service we’ve added is SMTP relay. Wondering what that means? SMTP relay stands for Simple Mail Transport Protocol Relay. In short it’s something that we take part in hundreds of times each day without realising. As it’s simply the process that allows your emails to be sent across the internet and be received by the person you’ve emailed.

Our SMTP relay subscription helps you cut out the dreaded spam folder delivery. Often present when you’re engaging in larger email volumes to multiple recipients, including email marketing.

Using a reliable third party SMTP relay service, you’re email marketing is marked as safe. Being delivered to inboxes to be received by recipients and allowing them to carry out the requested task. Whether that be informing them of products or services, or signing up to a program.

Our SMTP relay subscription manages all of this for you and is easy to set up and manage ongoing. Contact us to discuss how we can support you with this new service.

New Digital Services for Your Business

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Here at Primal Space we’re now offering a new digital service for clients providing CDN (content delivery network) services powered by Cloudflare. Benefits of a CDN include, increasing the performance and overall speed of your website. As well as many safety features. Such as allowing your web developer to safely access your site to perform required updates. Without the need to share passwords and log in details online.

This is incredibly valuable as our websites hold a vast array of customer data that would cause negative implications for any business should this become compromised.

By registering for a CDN subscription with Primal Space you allow us to carry out updates and improvements to your site security, speed and performance on your behalf. Contact us to learn more about this new digital service and how it could benefit your business.

GDPR Compliance

Due to an increased demand from new clients, we’ve created a specific new digital service for GDPR compliance.

GDPR compliance is the standard that your website is required to follow to keep your users data safe. It stands for General Data Protection Regulations and requires websites to to advise users of how their personal data is collected and processed.

As part of our GDPR compliance service, we’ll audit your website to investigate where it’s not currently meeting these regulations. We’ll then look to improve your site to bring it up to scratch in these areas. These will include your sites pop ups, cookies policy, privacy policy and contact forms.

For websites that don’t comply with current guidelines there can be strict penalties and fines. So it’s important that these regulations are followed as a business owner with a website. Our service carries out all security checks, making the relevant changes to your site to ensure that compliance regulations are adhered to.

GDPR services are incorporated within any new website development project. So if you’re a Primal Space client already, chances are you’re website will already be fully compliant. But if you’re unsure and would like a GDPR audit then do get in touch and we can advise you if improvements need to be made.

New Digital Services to Help your Business Grow

UA to Google Analytics 4 Migration

Another digital service we’ve launched is our Universal Analytics (UA) to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) migration service. Supporting you in ensuring your site is set up and operating effectively under the new metrics for the GA4 platform. We offer a full set up service that handles every step of the process for you. Including optimising your new Google analytics 4 interface and exporting existing data reports from the current UA database before the July 2023.

Start you migration to GA4 today by sharing your requirements with us.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool for both large and small scale businesses. Allowing you to connect and engage with existing and past clients and customers to remarket your services and provide a more direct form of communication than social selling. Our managed email marketing service provides personalised email campaigns sent directly to your email list. Powered by Mailchimp, one of the largest email marketing providers globally.

Our seamless process allows us to fully manage your email marketing campaigns. Effectively promoting your products and services to your growing mailing list. As well as designing personalised email campaigns and newsletters in line with the goals that you wish to achieve as a business.

Contact us to discuss the management and automation of your email marketing.

New Digital Services Now Available

So there we have it! Four brand new services to support you in your business. These have now officially launched and we’re excited to help new and existing client to improve their online presence through all of the digital services we provide.

The great thing is that so many of these services work hand in hand with what we already offer. By improving in one area we make improvements in all. For example, improving your social media presence increases your engagement on your website. While registering for a CDN subscription improves your website loading speeds. Or registering for SMTP relay means more of your ideal customers will find your website. By improving your GDPR compliance, you’ll improve our SEO efforts. In all of the services we provide, it’s often the small changes making a big difference for our clients.

Through our new digital services, how can we better support your business? We’d love to connect with you.

Know a business owner who could benefit from the services we offer? Please feel free to share. We offer a generous referral scheme for all existing clients.