New Hourly Rate for All Services at Primal Space

New Hourly Rate for All Services at Primal Space

Believe it or not, we are over 3 years old now at Primal Space. We’ve managed to keep our initial low hourly rate of £45 + VAT an hour in place up till now. But the time has come to make a modest increase. Our new hourly rate for all services is now £64 + VAT per hour. This change will take effect for all new clients from the 1st of May 2018. Existing clients under contract or open projects will be unaffected.

The new price will apply to all digital services that we offer. Please see our detailed website prices page for more information. Our hourly rate is used to create project estimates. We then bill in 15-minute increments and invoice accurately from the exact total time used. We’ve found this to be the fairest method. It ensures you only pay for what you use. Having never been a fan of fixed pricing for any of the services we offer. Such a concept can leave you, the client, paying a higher total amount than necessary. Or leave us short at our end if requirements haven’t been outlined clearly before commencing. We feel that our new hourly rate lets you be safe in the knowledge you are receiving great value prices for the services rendered.

Our new hourly rate is still among the most competitive in Edinburgh. Or anywhere in Scotland or the whole of the UK really. Our understanding is that the average rate in Edinburgh for a digital agency being around £150 + VAT per hour currently at this time in 2018. Recently we have seen some Magento2 agencies or developers having rates as high as £300 + VAT per hour in the UK! We believe we can get the work done, to an excellent high standard without breaking the bank, or draining your businesses entire marketing budget! Which is why our new price of just £64 + VAT per hour is still incredibly low. Offering our clients exceptional value, and return on investment for all services.

Our website hosting prices ongoing are unaffected by this change. If you have a web design project in mind, then drop us a message outlining what you require and we’ll provide you with a free quote.

** As of the 21st of October 2019, our hourly rate moved to be £90 + VAT an hour for all services.