4 Benefits of WooCommerce

Benefits Of WooCommerce

4 Benefits of WooCommerce

What is WooCommerce? And How Can it Benefit You?

WooCommerce makes setting up and managing your e-commerce store simple. The plugin for WordPress provides a platform with all the important features that you would require when running an e-commerce business. Such as secure payments and shipping integration. As well as inventory and tax management.

Unlike Magento it’s user friendly interface makes it easy to run your online store, without a great deal of technical know-how. Therefore making it much more accessible to small businesses just starting out. Without the time or budget to invest in a large team of experts to run things for them.

Here’s out top four reasons why WooCommerce is our go to e-commerce development tool.

1. It’s Free

Yep, that’s right. It won’t cost you a penny. Meaning that more investment can be put into marketing your new store through SEO to bring those sales rolling in. This is a great benefit to those who are starting out in business and perhaps don’t have  a great deal of capital to invest initially. We understand that investing in a website can be costly. Therefore, by using a free e-commerce tool such as WooCommerce we can dramatically reduce our overall costs when building your e-commerce website. As a result, only charging you for the set up.

Perhaps you already have a WordPress website and are looking to add e-commerce functionality. We are able to add this function to your existing website without having to move your website to a new platform, once again saving you a small fortune.

WooCommerce Benefits Shop Online

2. User Friendly

We opt to build all of our websites on WordPress because it’s the most user friendly and globally recognised platform out there. And WooCommerce is no different. Functionality is incredibly important. We firmly believe that there is no point in our clients having a website if it’s so complicated that they aren’t able to update it themselves.

WooCommerce provides a simple, easy to use interface that makes it incredibly easy to run your business. WooCommerce is consistent with the design of WordPress and uses many of the same features that you will already recognise from the WordPress admin area.

We support our clients to be self sufficient by providing a series of guides to help them familiarise themselves with the simple functions of using their new website. While we also offer a website maintenance service providing monthly site updates to our WordPress clients.

Choosing  a more complex platform doesn’t mean that it’s better. We often find that the more difficult a system is to manage the less you’ll be encouraged to use it to run, and grow your business.

3. Supports the Growth of Your Business

It’s important to choose a platform that will support the growth of your business for many years to come. You’re e-commerce store might just be a small start-up at the moment with a handful of customers per month. However, we believe it’s incredibly important to forecast growth within your business. Even when starting out in the early planning and development stages. While choosing a platform that can sustain this growth over time.

WooCommerce is incredibly scale-able and is used by businesses both large and small. Ranging from a handful of customers to supporting thousands of shoppers each month. As well as stores with just a few products to thousands in their catalogue. It also provides a whole variety of plugins offering countless customisation options. Ensuring that you have the necessary features that demonstrate your products in a way that will improve UX and make shopping simpler.

Benefits Of WooCommerce

4. It’s Secure

WooCommerce is developed as part of WordPress, and is constantly being improved by expert developers. Therefore you you can guarantee that it will always be compatible with the newest version of WordPress and won’t pose a security risk to your website or it’s data. It’s an open source platform which utilises the global developer community to maintain a standard of excellence and reliability.

WooCommerce benefits from all of the perks of WordPress. While using this advantage to build a second to none e-commerce experience for online retailers and their customer base. At the same time offering a platform that is fast, secure, and easy to use.

Your WooCommerce Developer

We’ve learned that WooCommerce has a whole variety of benefits for your business. Not only is it secure and user friendly. But it also supports growth within your organisation. While, unlike most things in life, it’s completely free to set up and has the durability and reliability of WordPress behind it. These are only a few of the many reasons we choose WooCommerce over other e-commerce development software out there.

WooCommerce is made for selling and includes all the tools you need as an e-commerce retailer to get your store up and running. Primal Space have years of experience setting up successful e-commerce websites. We know what works and what doesn’t and are here to advise you every step of the way. Building you a store that is user friendly and sales driven. WooCommerce should be your number once choice when looking at e-commerce functionality for your business.

Contact us today to discuss your e-commerce website and find out the next steps to taking your business online.