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Outlined here is a guide for approximate web design prices we offer at Primal Space

We should quickly highlight that these prices listed are to be used as a rough guide for a cost for your website. You will find that a lot of web design companies don’t list pricing on their websites at all. And that all quotes are given upon application. At Primal Space, we feel though that it is important to have some approximate costs detailed on our site up front. So you know roughly what the ball park figure for your website is going to be before you send your enquiry through to us.

That said, all final prices that we give our clients are done on an individual basis and are generated on the full needs of the project. They generally though won’t deviate much from the approximate figures detailed on this page. We create our final quotes based purely on an hourly rate for the full web design project, which is calculated at £45 per hour + VAT currently.

Competitive Website Design Pricing

Our web design prices are among the most competitive in Edinburgh. Anywhere in Scotland for that matter. As you will see from our web design portfolio of previous works. Quality of the finished product is not affected by our lower than average pricing. We like to believe here at Primal Space, that we offer a premium service for a fraction of the normal industry standard prices. Some website design companies in Edinburgh and other areas of Scotland, can charge well over £100 + VAT an hour for their services. Our rate of £45 + VAT per hour is incredibly competitive for a high quality bespoke service. Web design prices elsewhere can set you back well over £1000 for a basic website. Our simple websites start at only £250 + VAT here at Primal Space.

The three web design price categories on this page though will give you a rough indication of what your final price is going to be. The prices listed assume that you have your own content already written. Which will be ready for us to simply add to your website right away within the design. We also assume that you have all of your high resolution images ready to add. As well as your logo and any other major graphics required. If you need assistance with any of this, please don’t hesitate to ask us. Aside from web design, we offer a number of other services related to your website. Services like content writing, graphic design and SEO work. 

Web Design Prices

Also we should add here, that if you need your website hosted, please see our web hosting prices too. Which again much like our web design prices, are among some of the most competitive in Scotland. Our website hosting starts from only £5 + VAT per month. Adding hosting from us to your website design package chosen is a great options to choose. We use only UK based web servers for our hosting. So if you are based in the UK, and market your website to users in the UK. You know your website will load rapidly on our UK based servers.

If you have a web design project in mind and are ready to receive a full quote. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and to receive a website design price quote. We are happy to look at any project for any client. No matter how big or small scale it is. We even offer price quotes for upgrading an existing website you may have already live.

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