A brand new WordPress website designed for Amnesty International


Amnesty International approached us in 2019 looking for WordPress website design services. This was for a project they were working on called ‘Civil Society Brexit.’ The website, which gives information, insight and independent advice to organisations in Scotland was initially set up by the client on Therefore the charity was looking to migrate their existing site and all of it’s content to As a result allowing them to have more freedom over the website design and build. While overcoming some of the limitations they were experiencing with a website.

The key goals of the project were to have a user friendly design that allowed the user to digest the information presented in well structured manner. While providing a straightforward menu structure that would filter the information. Allowing the user to find specific information on a topic quickly and with ease using as few clicks as possible.

As well as presenting a wealth of information. A further requirement of the new Civil Society Brexit website design was to share news and upcoming events. While also displaying contact information for those wishing to get in touch using easy to navigate click to call/email buttons. This website is for the Human Rights Consortium Scotland, which is hosted by Amnesty International.

Social media links are also included. While the new site is fully responsive and mobile friendly, loading dynamically across all browsers.

We also provide this client with ongoing support and managed website hosting on our high speed UK based servers.

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