Complaints Policy

Complaints Policy

At Primal Space, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional website design, hosting, and digital services to our clients. We value your feedback and are committed to resolving any concerns or issues you may encounter. Our Complaints Policy is designed to provide a transparent and fair process for addressing and resolving complaints related to our services.

1. Scope: This policy covers complaints related to website design, hosting, and digital services provided by Primal Space. We encourage clients to bring forward concerns about the quality, functionality, or any aspect of our services, allowing us the opportunity to address and rectify issues promptly.

2. Complaint Submission: Clients can submit complaints by emailing us at [email protected].

3. Complaint Handling Process: Upon receiving a complaint, our team will promptly acknowledge its receipt and initiate an investigation. We are committed to a thorough and impartial review, keeping you informed of the progress and expected resolution timeframes throughout the process.

4. Escalation Procedures: If you are dissatisfied with the initial resolution or if the issue remains unresolved, our policy outlines clear escalation procedures. You may escalate your complaint to a higher level of management for further review and resolution.

5. Record Keeping: We maintain detailed records of all complaints, actions taken, and resolutions achieved. This information is crucial for continuous improvement, allowing us to identify trends, enhance our services, and prevent similar issues in the future.

6. Confidentiality: Primal Space respects the confidentiality of all complaints and treats them with the utmost privacy. Personal information provided during the complaints process will only be used for the purpose of resolving the issue at hand.

7. Review and Improvement: This policy is subject to regular review to ensure its effectiveness. We are committed to continuous improvement, and client feedback received through the complaints process plays a pivotal role in enhancing our services.

We value the trust our clients place in us, and our Complaints Policy is a testament to our commitment to maintaining open communication and delivering the highest standards of service. We appreciate the opportunity to address and resolve any concerns you may have.

8. Changes & Updates

This policy will be updated at least once per year, or as required when immediate policy changes are implemented in accordance with our terms & conditions.  The most recent version of our Complaints Policy is always available at

For any enquiries regarding our Complaints Policy, please contact us.