Accessibility Policy

Accessibility Policy

Thank you for choosing Primal Space. We value your visit, and ensuring our website is accessible is a top priority. Our Accessibility Policy outlines the features that we use to allow users to browse our website with minimal inconvenience.

What We’ve Done

  • Built with You in Mind: Our website is designed with the W3C guidelines, ensuring a user-friendly experience.
  • Regular Checks: We consistently review our website’s structure and content, aligning with W3C guidelines to maintain accessibility.
  • Image Descriptions: For images on our site, we’ve added alternative text (Alt Tags), providing descriptions for screen readers and search engines.

User-Friendly Features

  • Print and Resize: You have the flexibility to print any content and resize it using your browser tools for a personalised experience.

Get in Touch

If you encounter any issues while browsing or viewing content, please reach out to us. Your feedback is valuable in helping us maintain a seamless experience for everyone.

Changes & Updates

This policy will be updated at least once per year, or as required when immediate policy changes are implemented by our terms & conditions.  The most recent version of our Accessibility Policy is always available at

For any enquiries regarding our Accessibility Policy, please contact us.