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Our agency can host your website on our server while also ensuring that the necessary on-going maintenance is undertaken, in line with the growth of your business over time


Reliable and Affordable to Suit your Needs

Website hosting is required by anybody who wants to have a website online. If you are looking to have access to the email addresses on your web site’s domain, you need these to be hosted too. Website hosting can be a bit daunting if you are not familiar with how it works.

Here at Primal Space digital agency, we are proud to be able to offer clients affordable website hosting. Not only will we design and build your website for you. But we can also host it on 1 of our servers for an annual or monthly charge. Discounts are offered for annual subscriptions and provide around a 20% saving off the total price of your websites hosting costs, as an alternative to paying by monthly standing order.

A variety of different levels of server specifications are available to choose from. We have the basic specification as well as higher-specification servers available. Giving you flexibility and diversity, with hosting available to suit any budget or website needs.

Hosting your own website or finding an appropriate hosting company can be costly and time-consuming. Our agency has entry-level web hosting packages feature servers with 2GB of memory and up to 4GB of disk space. Which is more than ample for any pamphlet or brochure style website. The managed website hosting packages are for shared or cloud servers, and can start from as little as £20 a month! You will struggle to find a lower price for any level of fully managed website hosting than that anywhere in the UK.


We provide individual or shared hosting plans

Primal Space is a digital agency based in Edinburgh, in Bonnie Scotland. We pride ourselves on offering fast responses to our client’s website help requests. Always aiming on putting a focus on customer service here. For larger website clients, we offer dedicated hosting services if you need a high specification server all to yourself! Please see examples of websites we host within our web design portfolio to experience the lightning fast page load times on sites we offer website hosting for to all clients.

We can offer high level specification servers to host your website on. That feature an 8 core processor, 64GB of memory and over 1TB of disk space for example. Available on either Windows or Linux servers. Extra memory or disk space can be added on at any point should your requirements change and you need more space or power.

Hosting your own website or finding an appropriate hosting company can be costly and time-consuming. So take advantage of our low website hosting rates through the power of our shared hosting plans. We offer a range of optional add on services, such as website and database backups. Unlike budget hosting options you’ll find online, our servers are all based in the UK. The servers are optimised heavily for our CMS of choice for WordPress driven websites. If your domain is ending in “” or “.uk” you will generally want your web server to be based in the UK. This will generally help with search engine optimisation.


Configuration and updates for your website

What is this service we hear you ask? Essentially it is the configuration, ongoing management and optimisation of the server, or servers, that your website with us is hosted on. As your business grows, your website will generally grow in line with this growth, resulting in more pages on your website, more content and ultimately more traffic.

What does this all mean? More often than not, it will mean that your server requirements for your website hosting will need to increase too. So we will need to migrate your website onto a higher specification server and ensure the server can cope with the demand of your site at any time of day.

Having a sufficient server is particularly important for e-commerce websites. Even more so for those that have large product catalogues, and a high amount of traffic each month on their site. If your online store doesn’t load fast enough for your customers, they’ll likely vacate your website quickly and find another one that does.

The negative effects can be substantial, particularly if there has been a direct cost in obtaining this consumer initially to browse your website. Consumers will tend to remember your website as being slow to load. It’s likely they won’t use your site again in the future even if you’re lucky enough for them come across it once more.

We offer inclusive packages for our clients, so you needn’t go elsewhere. We can do everything for you from start to finish as well as ongoing hosting and server management too.

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“Very pleased with the service, patience and guidance from Blair. Primal Space built our website a year ago now and still provides invaluable support. The performance of our new website outweighed the cost within weeks.”

– Sally, Sales and Marketing Manager @ Destiny Scotland

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