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We have detailed below a breakdown of the various packages we offer, with prices for our UK website hosting services

Cheap UK Website Hosting

All of our website hosting packages come with free setup included. If you are moving from a previous hosting package or web server. All of our servers have Linux operating systems. We offer complete server management for you on every 1 of our 9 packages. So the hassle of updating and upgrading server components is handled completely for you. Leaving you more time to focus on the things that matter like growing your business.

The packages above are all available on a minimum contract term of 12 months. The server hosting will then move to 1-month rolling terms with 1 month’s notice required. Should you need to upgrade your web hosting needs, you can do so at any point. There are no penalties or extra charges for doing so, and we will still offer free migration of your website(s) to the larger specification server for you. All you would then pay is the larger monthly amount.

We partner with 1 of the largest UK based hosting companies; Nimbus Hosting to ensure maximum uptime of your website. Delivering an uptime guarantee of 99.995% which is really exceptionally high. The servers are ideal for WordPress or Magento website environments. We would not be happy to use any other website hosting company to partner with in the UK. Nimbus are simply head and shoulders above the rest.

UK Website Hosting

The web hosting package you choose can be paid for monthly as a direct debit. Or annually as a single block payment. We now offer a discount for paying your website hosting costs with us in advance in a single lump sum. So if you pay for your year’s subscription annually, you will receive 12 months of hosting, for the price of only 10 months! So let’s take for example “package 2” from our website hosting list of packages above. This package will become only £94 + VAT a year, instead of £120 + VAT a year with this single payment annual subscription saving.

So for example if you have started off with us running a small WordPress website on 1 of our shared Linux servers with 2GB of memory and are paying £10 + VAT a month, but have added a shopping cart system to your website, have hundreds of products for sale and thousands of unique visitors every month, you can move up to website hosting package 5 with us and pay only £30 + VAT a month.

The 9 packages and price categories on this page ensure that we have website hosting available for the small budgets out there, as well as having servers to cope with high demanding websites. If you have any questions at all about our web hosting services. Or you are looking for more bespoke hosting needs. Then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information. We are always happy to look at helping with hosting any project, no matter how large or small scale it is.

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