Our digital agency can help you get the full potential out of your website with search engine optimisation. Allowing your most desired customers to find you online.


Get your website found on the 1st page of Google

SEO standing for search engine optimisation. Helping you get the full potential out of your website with SEO work. Achieving this by ensuring that you are maximising your potential leads online.  Improving your organic search ranking results will allow more users to find your website. Our agency offers a range of SEO services to achieve these great results. SEO is a concept that we are incredibly passionate about here at Primal Space. We have delivered successful SEO results for a number of clients recently in Edinburgh. As well as throughout other areas of Scotland too.

Why choose Primal Space digital agency for your SEO we hear you ask? We have a proven track record of getting clients to the top of the major search engines like Google. Our rates are incredibly competitive at just £90 per hour of work and we get results! It’s as simple as that. For us to be able to get the results you desire, we need a minimum investment of 12 hours for any SEO project to commence. This gives us enough time to deliver the organic search engine result improvements that are required.


See tangible results from your investment

Successful SEO work is time-consuming. A combination of techniques takes time to implement. Even more, time then needs to be given to let these techniques take effect. And to allow for the Google algorithms to update your site’s organic indexing position. Creating the right SEO strategy is so important. A realisation that the work is continually ongoing, forever and ever, is crucial too. Successful improvements to your website SEO don’t happen overnight.

Getting to the top of Google, and staying there, takes more than some initial groundwork. The techniques need to be continually applied. An understanding and observation of the algorithm updates that search engines launch is also essential. We recommend that you continually use our agencies SEO services month on month after you have reached page 1 of Google. In doing this, we will ensure that you stay there!


We understand Google’s algorithms

Our SEO Edinburgh services deliver tangible results that will give you an excellent return on your investment. Giving a cost-effective way of achieving more leads for your website online. SEO is not just for big companies and large corporations. Every website owner needs to be aware of the concept. Understanding what it is. And be doing everything possible to ensure their site indexes as high up in the search engines organic search results.

There is a common saying in SEO. That is if you are not on page 1 of Google, you are nowhere online. A very small percentage of web users will ever look past page 1 of Google’s results for that they need. Our SEO costs are incredibly competitive. We offer all clients a free quote for our SEO services. So you know what the approximate cost will be before you commit.

There is no quick fix for SEO though we must reiterate, you need to be in for the long haul. It takes time to achieve positive results for the keyword terms you want to index well for. Regular ongoing work is required to ensure that these keywords stay at the top of Google after we get them there too. Here at Primal Space digital agency, we offer a straight talking no nonsense approach to SEO.


Tools we’ll use to improve your websites organic search results
  • Primal Space
    On page website optimisation of code, content and images
  • Primal Space
    Unique content writing for your desired web pages
  • Primal Space
    Social marketing of the pages to help users find your website online
  • Primal Space
    Intuitive and responsive website design for SEO purposes
  • Primal Space
    Web server settings optimisation to ensure your website loads rapidly
  • Primal Space
    Optimising a website design to increase conversion rates and user engagement

These are just a few examples of some of the techniques we’ll use to improve your organic ranking results in search engines for you. There are a number of other methods we will conduct to achieve great results, but we shan’t list them all in this page.

We recently wrote an article showing the search engine results for our own website. Detailing some of our workings and progress, which you can read here – Primal Space SEO research

These are things we would always avoid when creating your website SEO strategy
  • Primal Space
    Masses of “spammy” links created linking back to your website
  • Primal Space
    Inappropriate keyword stuffing throughout your website content
  • Primal Space
    Using link farms to back-link to your website
  • Primal Space
    Using duplicate content on multiple pages of your website
  • Primal Space
    Copying content from another website, and pasting it onto your website
  • Primal Space
    Guest posting on forums for links
  • Primal Space
    Cloaking or using invisible text on a web-page
  • Primal Space
    Paying for back-links
  • Primal Space
    Aggressive SEO; generating too much movement too fast! Resulting in temporary ranking boosts only
  • Primal Space
    Any “black hat” SEO techniques

We would recommend avoiding using any SEO companies that offer incredibly cheap prices. Like anything in life, if the prices are too good to believe, then there is probably something a miss!

A lot of SEO companies in the UK, still outsource their SEO work abroad where quality cannot be controlled. A large number of them will use quick fix techniques to get you to the top of search engines quickly, but won’t be able to keep you there.

You can run the risk of Google permanently blacklisting you from their search index too! So be very wary about who you choose for your SEO work. As well as asking what techniques are used where possible.


A great SEO service doesn’t have to cost the world

Our agencies SEO pricing is only £90 + VAT an hour. Before you commit to choosing us to complete your SEO work. We will have given you an estimated range of what the pricing for the project will be. So, for example, we will always give you 2 prices. These being the lowest price that the project will cost. And what the highest possible cost for the SEO project will be too. This ensures you know what the total project will cost before you get started.

We will need some basic information from you about your proposed SEO work begins, for example, we would need to know the website you need the work completed on. And what the keyword(s) that you want to organically index at the top of the search engines will be. From here we’ll be able to create a proposal and an estimate based on your requirements.


What are you waiting for? Find out more today

It’s important to be aware of as many of the ranking factors within Google and other search engines algorithms. Search engines are constantly evolving their algorithms to give what they believe to be the most relevant and highest quality search results for their users. There is no doubt that it is worth the time and money to get to the top. Once you have your chosen keyword indexing on page 1. You will see your enquiries go through the roof.

Our digital agency is based in Edinburgh, if you are also based in this fine city, we would love to meet with you! We also offer SEO services to companies based throughout Scotland, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Remember it doesn’t cost you anything for us to simply look at your website and to receive a free quote from us for SEO. We like to think that our rates are among some of the most competitive in all of the UK. So please don’t hesitate to drop us an email. Or by giving us a call to discuss your requirements in more depth.

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Some lovely feedback from another happy client

“Blair and Primal Space dragged Pentland Biomass’s old website into 21st century e-commerce, by creating a new Magento 2 site at the end of 2017. The new site is performing really well and the analytics are helping us to make more informed decisions about our business as well as helping us more efficiently manage the day-to-day. Primal Space now also manage our google ads, etc. Together with the new website, this has led to an increase in sales and customers, as well as understanding on our part. We are thankful to Blair and Primal Space for what they have helped us achieve so far and would recommend them for anyone who is considering a new site or upgrade.”

– Shiona, Director @ Pentland Biomass

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