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Why is responsive web design so important we hear you ask? With internet browsing being more popular on smartphones and tablets, than on desktop PC’s and laptops. It’s incredibly important to ensure that your website looks good and is functional on all devices. At Primal Space, all of our websites that we design and build are responsive to adapt to all screen sizes.

So you can be assured that your website will look professional on the smallest or largest of screens. Responsive web design is an incredibly important concept that everyone needs to be aware of when putting together a new website. The concept of websites loading dynamically to fit the browser size is quite a new one. But is one of the most important concepts to be aware of.

Mobile Friendly Web Design

It is essential that your site is classed as being “mobile friendly” by the search engines. As always, everything about a website’s architecture is interlinked. So being a mobile friendly website for example. Is exceptionally good news for your SEO organic rankings. We wrote an article in our blog on this website about this concept. The page talks about what the definition of responsive website design is. And re-iterates why it is so important for any site.

For us, we like to ensure that all web users enjoy navigating any of the websites that we build regardless of the device that they are on. Try out any of the websites we have in our web design portfolio section on multiple devices like a smartphone or tablet. To see for yourself how these dynamic websites work and look on different screen sizes. The website code recognises the size of the screen you are viewing the website on, and adapts intelligently.

As well as creating a responsive website from scratch for any client. If you have an existing website that is not dynamic or responsive. That you want to be made to be fully functional to use any mobile or tablet device. This is something we can build and update for you too. It is quite straight forward to update the code and architecture of an existing website to become mobile friendly. Responsive website design is just one of the many digital services that are offered by us here at Primal Space.

Responsive Web Design

There are a number of things to be aware of and consider when coming up with ideas and concepts for your new responsive website. Topics like font size, colour schemes, general functionality, user navigation and website loading times to name but just a few. Before we carry out any responsive web design work for you our client, a project brief will be held.

Talking you through everything you need to think about during the planning stage of your website build with us. We design and build websites mainly using WordPress and Magento systems. So you can be assured that your website software will be regularly updated with the latest functionality and security settings needed to keep it up to date. Creating an impressive responsive website design needn’t be complicated.

Responsive Web Design

If you want to get in touch with us to tell us all about the design idea you have and are looking for a quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us for an approximate responsive website design price. We’ll then arrange an initial over the phone consultation to talk more about your concept. At Primal Space, we like to keep everything we do as simple as possible. Every action is explained thoroughly.

We believe it is important our clients understand why something is done a certain way. You aren’t left in the dark. Everything is broken down into stages for you. If you are based in Edinburgh we would love to come and meet you to discuss your project in greater depth. Responsive website design in Edinburgh is a concept that we are incredibly passionate about.

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