Primal Space Monthly Magento Website Support

Primal Space Monthly Magento Website Support

Here at Primal Space, we are pleased to announce that we now offer structured monthly Magento support for your e-commerce website. After listening to feedback from our existing client base. We are announcing today that ongoing from the 1st of January 2017, we will be offering an affordable monthly support option for our existing clients that have used Primal Space to design their Magento website. The support is available to new clients too if they have signed up to a Primal Space website hosting contract with us. This support package is designed and geared towards Magento only. We do not work with any other e-commerce systems currently other than Magento.

Primal Space Magento Support

The support we are offering will enable your site to be updated to the latest security versions automatically by us when required. No input will be required from yourself. We will do all of the work for you every month. Your Magento CMS (content management system) will always be kept up to date. Any custom plugins, widgets or installed Magento extensions will automatically be updated for you when new (safe) updates are released. We will keep your website up to date with all of the latest internet standards. As well as ensuring the code content is optimised for search engine optimisation purposes.

You will also be covered for the fixing of any hacks or bugs that might occur on your website. No matter how much time it takes us to rectify this problem for you. This scenario would generally cost hundreds, possibly thousands of pounds to rectify if your website is hacked. If signed up for our monthly support. You will also be able to qualify for regular backups being kept securely, of your website and it’s content. So should you accidentally delete your entire website. Do not fear! Simply email us and ask us to reinstate your most recent backup of the website. Backups are kept both locally and within our, DropBox business account too for added security. So your backups are stored both on-site and off-site.

Over and above this, you are also entitled to up to 1 hour of work to be done by us on your site every month. So if you need some images added. Or some more text added to a page. Or you want some minor optimisation done for SEO purposes. Or anything really that takes no more than up to 1 hour for us to complete on any given month. Then up to 1 hour will be done for you every month if subscribed to this new support service we offer. If you require any more work that takes over this set hour to complete. The work will be completed at our standard hourly rate and quoted in advance accordingly. Within this support and regular contact we have. We can offer our own expert advice on recommendations for improvements that can be completed for your website.

So to summarise in easy to read bullet points for all of you “skim readers” out there. Our monthly Magento support entails the below:

  • Regular security updates
  • Updating Magento to the latest stable version
  • Applying any major Magento patches for security purposes
  • Updating of Magento plugins, widgets and extensions
  • Website breach/hack insurance
  • Up to 1 hour a month of work on your website for any purpose you choose
  • Regular rolling daily backups of your website are kept locally and stored securely online too
  • Expert advice on improvements to your website given regularly

Our monthly Magento support price for these services is only £180 + VAT a month. You must already be signed up to Primal Space website hosting to be eligible for such support. We should highlight that this new support service is not mandatory. But is thoroughly recommended to opt in to for a multitude of purposes. Up until now, we have been offering existing clients a lot of the above services for free out of the kindness of our hearts. On some occasions, the work being done has taken a number of hours to complete. But with the volume of websites we now manage for UK clients, it has become impossible to continue to do this ongoing. As it has started to affect the quality and speed of our overall service to our new customers. This is to enable us to continue to offer really fast support. And the quick turnarounds we have built up a reputation for delivering new website designs. Our monthly support is covered by our terms & conditions from our website which are regularly updated. Please note we also offer dedicated WordPress support for our clients too.

February 2017 Update

Details of our various Magento support packages can be found below:

Magento packages

Package 1 – On-Site Backups only – £25 + VAT per month
Package 2 – Off-Site Backups only – £35 + VAT per month
Package 3 – On-Site and Off-site Backups only – £50 + VAT per month
Package 4 – On-Site Backups only and Magento security Updates – £115 + VAT per month
Package 5 – Off-Site Backups only – Magento security updates – £125 + VAT per month
Package 6 – Full Magento support which entails both on site and off site backups, security updates, plugin updates, Magento version updates to ensure all are on the latest version and up to 1 hour of support time for any task you require completed on your Magento website – £180 + VAT per month

If you have any questions about this blog post. Or are interested in signing up for monthly support. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us to hear more about this new service we are now offering.