Magento Training Edinburgh

Our Magento training based in Edinburgh is priced at £45 + VAT per hour only. The service is offered in 8 hour long blocks. So the minimum amount of training that can be purchased is 8 hours. The training can cover a large number of topics related to Magento and your admin panel to help you optimise your store and maximise the sales you generate from it.

Some examples of topics that can be covered are below:

  • Creating your home page, adding widgets, static blocks and seasonal promotions
  • Setting up and management of your product catalogue. Including the input of new products, editing existing products, product types, adding categories, category structure, related products and menu setup to name but just a few topics that can be tutored for the Magento catalogue
  • Adding social networks to your Magento store and social icons like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and others.
  • Management of customer accounts and groups, demonstrating what the online customers section can be used for
  • Setting up and use of tax rules, payment and shipping methods, store emails, and reports
  • Create and manage orders, comment history, invoices, shipments, credit memos, and return notes
  • Using basic and essential Magento extensions that manage sections of your website like your blog, scheduled tasks and security settings.
  • Use of Magento’s default marketing features to create promotions, coupons, promotional emails, banners, and other marketing enhancements for your store
  • Set up multiple stores on a website within a single Magento setup



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