Magento Edinburgh

We design, grow, develop and market Magento websites in Edinburgh and surrounding areas of Scotland.  Magento is the e-commerce platform of choice for us, that is trusted by the world’s leading brands. It is the most commonly used e-commerce software across the globe currently. And for good reason we believe! It offers by far the greatest expansion potential and largest degree of flexibility of any of the available e-commerce development platforms in the market. Primal Space are one of the leading Magento development agencies in Scotland.

Magento offers two main platforms. These being Magento Community and Magento Enterprise. The community version is a free to use open source platform. That anybody can download and start using right away with the right know-how. Magento Enterprise is a higher specification paid version that gives users of it support from Magento themselves among other things. Here at Primal Space we use only the Magento Community version for our clients to build their sites in. You can read more about these versions throughout the various pages and sections in our website about the Magento platform which is frequently mentioned. Our Edinburgh web design prices for ecommerce website design using the Magento software starts from only £45 + VAT per hour.

Magento Edinburgh

Magento Agency Edinburgh

We only build e-commerce sites using Magento. We don’t use any other shopping cart platforms like Drupal, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Volusion, Bigcartel, 3Dcart, Squarespace, LemonStand or any other similar e-commerce platforms. Why do we only use Magento? The simple answer is because Magento is the best e-commerce software on the market globally. Yes, it is harder to use, setup and configure than some other free or open source software packages that are available. But that is where we come in here at Primal Space! We are experts in using Magento. Let us setup your store, design it and configure it all for you. To allow you to concentrate on running and expanding your retail business.

Every internet retail website that we have created and delivered to our clients thus far has been build using Magento. So every website that features a shopping cart function is it’s primary use, is built by us in Magento. We offer a variety of specialist Magento services too. Whether you need a complete website design build from scratch. Or you just need a specific Magento based problem solved. We are here to help with your Magento needs. There are a number of Magento agencies in Edinburgh and other areas of Scotland. But you will struggle to find one that is as competitively priced as we are.

Primal Space are now proud to also offer Magento training services for our clients. Which is charged at an hourly rate of only £45 per hour. This service is designed to give more in depth training with some of the more advanced features of Magento. We have created a very basic Magento user guide for some of the more simpler functions that need to be learned in the beginning. This guide is constantly being added to and updated with advice on how to use the core functions of your Magento admin panel. Magento Edinburgh is a concept we are incredibly passionate about here at Primal Space. We love using the platform to design websites in. We wouldn’t use anything else for ecommerce website design.

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