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Creating powerful logos and graphics coupled with relevant typography and fonts for your website


Graphic design that positively conveys your brand image

Graphic design is defined as the process of visual communication, and problem-solving through the use of type, space, image and colour. We believe that graphic design for websites consists of 2 main factors; logos and graphics. Followed by typography and fonts. Simply ensuring that these concepts are looking as professional as possible can change an average looking website into a cutting edge website that gives a premium feel. Simplicity is often the best approach to graphic design.

LOGO – Rather than trying to create a cluttered logo with as much information in it as possible, the best approach can be to go for a cleaner simpler design, that features only the information you need it to possess.

FONT – This should reflect the style of your organisation. It’s worthwhile trying a number of different fonts to see how they sit with the rest of your website. The choice of font that you go with is intricately linked to other factors of your website, including the logo and graphics. The size of the font is important too in the various locations of your web pages.


Clear and relevant images

For us, impressive graphics and professional imagery are a key component of an impressive looking website. Photos that catch the users eye instantly and present a real wow factor on first glance of the page are important in any website’s design. There must be coherence with all graphics to fit the brand that the website is representing. Often logos and graphics are over complicated.

We prefer to design images and logos that are clean, crisp and cutting-edge, while always representing the company or organisation’s ethos and style. A logo design must match the rest of the website’s design in terms of size, colour scheme and positioning.

Here at Primal Space digital agency, we offer various graphic design services, pricing starts from as little as only £150 + VAT for a custom logo for example. If you choose to take a full web design package from us, we can include all graphic design services as part of your project. We have some approximate web design pricing listed on our website to give you a rough idea of costs for your website package with us.

An initial consultation will always be conducted with you for any services we offer and then a final price can be agreed. Our pricing is based purely on an hourly rate. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss any graphic design related project you may have.

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“Blair and Primal Space have been really great in working with me to devleop our new web sites to make them mobile friendly and up to date.”

– Alan, Owner @ Eat Walk Tours

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