Elevate Your E-Commerce Success

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Elevate Your E-Commerce Success

Elevate your e-commerce success by implementing our insider recommendations on how to increase sales and boost profits. Transforming your Magento E-Commerce store into a high-value asset.

Primal Space started out as an e-commerce web development business. Our vision was to create accessible e-commerce websites for business owners to get their products into the hands of their ideal customers. Over the years our services have developed and expanded to suit the needs of our clients. However, e-commerce is still our bread and butter and our passion and we love seeing our client’s businesses thrive.

For that reason, we’ve put together a list of some suggestions to implement within your own e-commerce store to increase sales and improve conversions.

Elevate Your E-commerce Success Strategy

E-Commerce Tips to Increase Sales

  1. Offering free delivery incentive at x amount cut off which is appropriate for the business and average product value.
  2. Offering different delivery options like express delivery for an extra fee.
  3. Show delivery lead times on all product pages.
  4. Use a trust bar in the header of all pages.
  5. Use a review company and showcase product reviews on product pages. Check out our recent post for advice on how to find the best review platform for your e-commerce website.
  6. Use the newsletter signup checkbox at checkout. Targeted email marketing to existing customers is a powerful way to drive future sales.
  7. Use the abandoned cart function of Mailchimp.
  8. Show returns information on the product page (as a tab).
  9. Show shipping information on the product page (as a tab).
  10. Create unique text on all category pages to improve your SEO.
  11. Create a ‘Read More toggle functionality for this text so it doesn’t take up too much space on mobile.
  12. Create an ideal customer profile document. Check out our post on how to develop an ideal customer profile and its benefits.
  13. Create a marketing plan and review it every 3-6 months at most.
  14. Create a hybrid marketing approach for multiple channels.
  15. Use payment methods that give customers credit (like Klarna and Clearpay).
  16. Use alternative payment methods like PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.
  17. Offer international shipping, with the site having multiple currencies and different languages.
  18. Offer incentives to create an account and signup for the newsletter like 10% off the first order.
  19. Create a blog and generate regular content.
  20. Create exit popups to try to keep users on the site with an offer.
  21. Think about Quick View.
  22. Optimise the site for mobile users.
  23. Use GA4 for events and conversion tracking.
  24. Monitor competitor pricing and remain competitive within the market.
  25. Offer exceptional customer service to create a niche to be ahead of competitors.
  26. Use online chat.
  27. Offer free returns.
  28. Have a sale page/section.
  29. Show accepted payment cards/types in the footer with icons.
  30. Write buying guides.
  31. Create size guides if your website is clothing & apparel.
  32. Create a sustainability statement or green policy.
  33. Create a ‘Why Shop With Us?’ page, and include as many relevant points above on it.
  34. Make sure your website is fast on all devices to keep those relevant SEO algorithms happy.
  35. Utilise social media to expose your products to a wider audience.

We hope these suggestions support you in developing your e-commerce strategy. For guidance in implementing these suggestions, our e-commerce developers will be happy to help. Share your requirements with us to start the conversation. Our full-service agency offers a hybrid approach to marketing your website online, utilising a diverse range of strategies.

Do you know we also offer e-commerce-specific managed website hosting? With Magento hosting and WooCommerce hosting being part of our diverse service offerings.

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