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Our passion here at Primal Space is for delivering stunning ecommerce websites to our clients. We build online retail shopping cart websites that give the wow factor to potential shoppers on first glance on every page of the site. Designing e-commerce websites that entice the user in to navigate further and complete their purchase without bouncing back to the search engine they came in from. We are committed to delivering online stores that offer our clients the highest conversion rates possible. The focus for us is always on creating a clean simple design, while ensuring the layout and design is customer driven focusing on achieving your desired conversions.

Cluttered websites do not convert well. We create layouts that present the user with the information they need only in front of them. We believe that an e-commerce website should be an experience for the user. One that makes them want to come back again. An experience that is hassle free and allows them to complete their purchase quickly and securely. To see examples of e-commerce websites we have already built, please see our creations page. We ensure that every 1 of our e-commerce creations are fast loading and SEO fine tuned to ensure Google and other search engines love your website.

As well the initial design and build process for an e-commerce system, we can also handle the remainder of the process, so taking your website to market essentially. We can handle all aspects of the online marketing of your site. We will help customers find your website before they find your competitors. We offer ongoing support even after your e-commerce website is live in the form of our website maintenance service. A service that ensures there is support there for you after going live to ensure you are maximising all possible avenues to grow your business online as efficiently as possible.


We deliver all of our e-commerce website designs using Magento software as the base. Magento is the world’s most commonly used and popular e-commerce software. We’ve been building beautiful Magento websites since 2012 that are all always in a dynamic fully responsive web design layout. Magento is a platform that is regularly updated and offers retailers a scalable platform in which to build from. As many as 1 in 4 e-commerce systems globally use Magento as the basis for their website system. We wouldn’t use any other platform, no other e-commerce software gives you the same power as Magento does in terms of creativity and scalability which can dramatically increase your user’s experience on your website.

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