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Here at Primal Space, we are passionate about e-commerce web design. Based in Edinburgh, we are specialists in creating and designing e-commerce websites that deliver successful results from the offset for our clients. We create e-commerce web solutions with a purpose, giving your store an online identity. So if you want to launch a website selling products online or are looking to add a shopping cart system to your existing website, look no further! We offer affordable ecommerce website solutions that allow you to accept secure payments online with the greatest of ease.

We have delivered a number of  e-commerce websites previously, some clients with a large catalogue containing thousands of products, advertising and shipping to various countries around the world, not just to the UK market. A successful design led web experience is what we believe is the key to captivating your consumer audience online. Which ultimately leads to giving you the high conversion rates and sales increases that you desire from your e-commerce website. Simple designs we believe are key to giving heightened functionality for your website users. We look to ensure that these powerful designs, are backed up with the latest in shopping cart technology to ensure that your website loads quickly and is safe for your consumers to shop on.

At Primal Space, we have a proven track record of building beautiful online retails systems for our clients, just see our portfolio for a selection of these that we have produced to date. Our software of choice for building e-commerce websites in is the Magento platform. There a number of design agencies that offer e-commerce website design in Edinburgh, but few will be able to offer such competitive rates as we can, remember we only charge £45 + VAT per hour for any of our digital services. Also, very few agencies have the same level of experience as we do in creating and operating purely Magento only web stores. We don’t use or recommend any other e-commerce website platform for designing shopping cart based sites on.

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E-commerce Website Design

The price for an e-commerce website might not be as much as you might think. Our e-commerce website packages start from as little as £650 + VAT for a basic website package with a shopping cart function. If you have not already created an online store for your organisation, the time is now. Increase your sales with a complete online e-commerce solution. We can scale the solution we create for you to grow as your needs dictate.

We have created e-commerce systems for clients that sell thousands of products online and ship worldwide. As well as creating shopping cart websites for clients that have a small operation with only a few members of staff and only a handful of core products. We like to think though that we do more than just design a website for you, we are part of your complete online digital strategy. An e-commerce website is an integral part of your strategy for selling online, and we can offer advice on how to maximise it’s potential.

With every online retail site that we create for clients, we include a basic guide for how to use the admin area of your Magento website for adding products and updating existing ones, performing simple tasks like adding new images, or putting promotions on are straight forward to do following this guide. We believe in empowering our clients to be able to run and operate every aspect of their own online store, which is why we offer this service included in every full Magento web design project that we build. This leaves us to focus on what we are good at, which is building and designing beautiful e-commerce website designs, leaving you to run your business without the need for constant assistance.

Magento Training

We now also offer Magento training in Edinburgh for more advanced tasks that you can complete with a little know how, this service is offered at £45 + VAT an hour, with a minimum of an 8 hour block needed to be booked. The training we offer can be as simple or as advanced as you need it to be. You can dictate to us the sections of your admin that you need assistance with, or simply tell us what you want to me able to do with your Magento system, and we can walk you through it. Our Magento training helps you get the most out of your e-commerce store, to aid you in maximising your sales and conversions online. Our face to face training will give you a substantially better overall level learning and development than any online course can do. We can cater our training to your exact needs.

Our pricing is incredibly competitive, especially when you take into consideration that the official online Magento training course is $1850 (approximately £1300) and is for a total length of 17.5 hours, and is a set course that can’t be customised to your specific requirements. We can cover any topic with you that the basic Magento admin panel beginner course covers. So whether you need help adding products, managing your tax rules, editing your navigation structure or creating multiple sub stores within a single Magento setup, we can help! Please get in touch with us if you would like to know more about the Magento training services we offer in Edinburgh.

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Importance of E-commerce in Retail

We believe that every bricks and mortar store, should be selling online too. We cannot underestimate the importance of e-commerce for your business. Without the mass adoption of online shopping, a large number of UK retail companies would no longer be able to trade. In the last 25 years, the entire retail environment has been transformed greatly, and e-commerce continues to grow every year. For example in 2014, the average online spend was £718.7 million, which was almost 12% higher than 2013, and double what the sales were online for 2009 in the UK, which stood at £341.7 million. So you can see with this 1 simple statistic the large rate that online shopping continues to grow.

It’s so important your business is selling online, and has a successful e-commerce presence. To have your own e-commerce website selling online, you needn’t completely overhaul your entire business structure. Your e-commerce system can sit alongside your bricks and mortar selling methods. Starting to sell your products online opens up doors to a larger customer base for you. For example if you have a single small shop in Edinburgh, you are really only getting the footfall through your shop doors, so your looking at your potential customer base every year certainly being less than 100,000 people. Which sounds like a large number, but when you consider that by selling online, and marketing your products only to the UK market, you open up doors to a potential customer base of over 40 million online shoppers in the UK.

When you take into consideration that you could be selling online within a few weeks of deciding to take the plunge, and that an investment of less than £1000 will generally be required for a small simple online store, it really isn’t hard to get a return on this investment. The most successful retail companies in the UK now are the retailers that have adopted online selling early on, and created successful operation systems for managing their online and offline sales.

E-commerce Web Design

Magento E-commerce Development Tasks

The below is just a selection of the main tasks we can complete for you in the creation and development of your e-commerce store built in Magento platform. This list is the core topics that we can do for your e-commerce store, more advanced functions are available upon request. If you want a quote for just a single Magento based topic that you need assistance with for your website, please don’t hesitate to contact us to receive a quote.

  • Optimised e-commerce specific Magento website hosting
  • We are cutting edge e-commerce website design specialists
  • Stock import and management of your store inventory
  • Responsive design that loads dynamically on any device including mobile phones and tablets
  • Migration from existing e-commerce platform to Magento
  • One page checkout that’s quick and simple for users to complete
  • E-commerce SEO work to ensure your site ranks at the top of Google
  • Wishlists and ability to save shopping carts
  • Different customer user accounts
  • Fast loading ajax search function
  • Integration with Google shopping via Google Adwords
  • Google Adwords setup and ongoing management
  • Newsletter templates and email user management
  • Full data and multi site integration from spreadsheets
  • Customisable and downloadable products
  • Installation of essential Magento extensions
  • Customisable admin panel for controlling your e-commerce store
  • Secure payment setup with SSL certificates
  • Integration with multiple payment companies such as PayPal, Sagepay, Google Checkout or Skrill

Please see our e-commerce website design portfolio to view first hand a number of existing websites that are online that we have created previously as examples of the work we have done prior using the Magento platform.

E-commerce Magento Websites
Below we have a selection of the previous e-commerce websites we have built and designed using the Magento platform.
Prices for E-commerce Website Design
The below prices give you an indication of what the approximate cost of a new e-commerce website to be built and designed for you from scratch will be. Our final rates are simply calculated by the hour which at this time is invoiced at only £45 + VAT per hour. We've also listed only a few of the features that will be included in each package. The approximate guide prices below are just based on time it's taken us to deliver shopping cart based websites for previous clients. If you would like to receive a full quote for your planned new e-commerce venture, please contact us to receive a price.

If you are looking at having an e-commerce website designed for you, it is important you think about your hosting services that your going to use. We offer dedicated Magento hosting specifically designed and optimised for e-commerce websites. Our pricing is really affordable, and we are confident it is the cheapest e-commerce website hosting available in Scotland. Prices for small e-commerce websites with little levels of traffic start at only £5 + VAT per month. Please contact us if you would like an accurate quote to be given for your e-commerce website hosting.

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