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Webpage content is one of the most important factors in any website for a multitude of reasons. Good high quality content will bring more users to your website. It’s essential that your content is unique, mainly for SEO purposes, but also because users get bored of reading the same content on multiple websites. Content writing is a service that we here at Primal Space are passionate about.

Content Writing Edinburgh

It’s important that your content is unique for a multitude of purposes. If your content is different, you will stand out from the crowd. If your content is unique and different to your competitors, Google’s website ranking algorithms will look upon you favourably too. You will automatically rank higher in Google’s organic search results that your competitor based on this change. So it’s a very important factor to consider in your website at all times.

Keyword Focus

It’s important to choose the right keywords to feature regularly in your content. Think about what terms users are going to be searching for. Your potential customer though is likely to skim/scan your website with their eyes, rather than reading every word.

Content Writing

The modern consumer of today is impatient and will only look at your website for a matter of seconds before returning to whence they came if the content they are looking for is not present. You need to make the right impression at first glance, you only have a matter of seconds to catch the users attention. Make sure the important and key content is prominently placed within the webpage and is featured clearly so it can be found quickly by skimming the page.

Unique Content Writing

We offer our own unique content writing services for websites here at Primal Space. So if you are struggling to find the time to write your text, why not enlist our services to have it done? We just need some general guidance on what you want to be included. We have a questionnaire that we’ll work through with you to ensure the content generated is relevant to your target market and fits in with your brand’s ethos.

If you don’t have time to write content for your website. Let us do it for you! Our unique content writing services are priced at only £45 + VAT an hour. To give you an idea of how many hours you will need to purchase from us. We look to write between 300 and 600 words at most per page. And can write and create on average 2 pages an hour.

If you are purchasing web design services from us. We can easily add on content writing to the project. We can save time this way by designing the pages of the website, as the unique content is added. Images and text content can all be added at once as the site is built.

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