Server Management and Website Configuration

What is this service we hear you ask? Essentially it is the configuration,  ongoing management and optimisation of the server or servers that your website with us is hosted on. For example, as your business grows, your website will generally grow in line with this growth, resulting in more pages on your website, more content and ultimately more traffic.

What does this all mean we now hear you ask? It will mean more often than not that your server requirements for your website hosting will need to increase. So we will need to migrate your website onto a higher specification server and ensure the server can cope with the demand of your site at any time of day. Having a sufficient server is particularly important for e-commerce websites. Even more so for those that have large product catalogues, and a high amount of traffic each month on the site. If your online store doesn’t load fast enough for your customers, they’ll likely vacate your website very quickly.

Server Management

The negative effect on this can be substantial, particularly if there has been a direct cost in obtaining this consumer initially to browse your website. Consumers will tend to remember your website as being slow to load. It’s likely they won’t use your site again in the future if your lucky enough for them come across it once more.

Please see our website hosting section for more information on our domain hosting services we offer our clients now. So you needn’t go elsewhere now for your website to be hosted online. We can do the full package for you from start to finish as well as ongoing hosting and server management too.

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