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All of our websites that we build and design are fully functional on all mobiles and tablets automatically


Responsive Mobile Website Design

Mobile websites are sites that are specifically designed to load on a mobile phone. Often referred to as a smartphone or feature phone. Mobile browsing is now more popular than ever. The levels of mobile web usage will continue to increase into the future. So it’s essential that your website performs perfectly on all smartphones.

There are many things to consider when deciding on how you want your mobile website to look. Factors include website speed, general layout of the website, ease of navigation, user friendliness, SEO factors, colour scheme and font size to name only but a few things to be considered when designing a website specifically for mobile devices. Mobile website design is a speciality for us here at Primal Space. Prices for a new website to be built and designed by us is only £250 + VAT.

Mobile friendly websites will offer substantially better conversion rates for you. If for example you operate an e-commerce website, it’s essential that your customer is able to checkout simply on their mobile phone. You may be losing a substantial amount of sales if your website is not mobile-friendly. Is your website compatible and functional with mobile devices? You can check on the link below:

Is my website mobile friendly?


Dynamic Tablet Website Design

Some recent research from Adobe suggests that websites now get more traffic from tablets, than they do from smartphones. Which is a staggering statistic when you think about the volume of people that use their smartphones to browse the web.

With the insurgence in recent years of people browsing the web on their tablet devices such as an Ipad, it’s important that your website looks perfect for their device and screen size. A standard desktop style websites doesn’t load particularly well on a tablet device as standard. The design needs to be modified to fit the screen size and be as user friendly as possible.

The key thing to remember when thinking about the layout for a website to be designed specifically for a tablet device, is to make the site to be “touch friendly”. By this we mean think about how the user interacts with your website. Key elements of the website design should be able to be touched, swiped or pinched (to zoom in generally).

All of this functionality needs to be built into your design. Things like font size should be increased for the smaller size of screen. Flash should be avoided where possible as it’s not embraced by all tablet devices and your users could have issues loading your content. Flash is actually being phased out completely in 2015.

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